The story of four soon-to-be-college grads who are about to embark on the big adventure known as life. The foursome concoct an elaborate plan to hire a Japanese porn actress (or "AV Girl") for a fake film. Then...they'll have sex with her. What could go wrong?

Students decide to make porn films so they can sleep with an actress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


AV torrent reviews

Scott O (de) wrote: This is the slowest and most boring movie ever! I want the 4 hours of my life back!! Won awards???

Scott L (kr) wrote: It was a little different then I thought it would be. Kinda cheesy, kinda good.

Gunpowder B (es) wrote: Far and away the most heartfelt of Allen's European Three, Vicky Cristina Barcelona boasts a stellar cast, invigorating personal drama, and a gorgeous survey of Spain's architectural and natural beauty, as well as an existential interplay between convention and liberty.

James E (br) wrote: The fact that the real US Navy did NOT cooperate with this movie and it still was fairly good story tells me that it is good and all the critics that panned it are wrong--

Leonardo Malacay S (gb) wrote: tcnicamente y visualmente deja mucho que desear pero se me hace un buen ejercicio hacer cosas o atreverse a cometerlas.un ejercicio aceptable para mi gusto estupido

Eduardo B (br) wrote: Great for an afternoon session. Definitely delivers more than you can expect just by looking at the poster.

Rainbow I (us) wrote: This film is a charmer. A boy likes to dress up as a girl. He believes that he is a girl, wrongly trapped in a guy's body. He wants to marry his neighbour boy, who happens to be his father's boss's son. The mother is supportive initially, but how much can she take it?

Kyle W (au) wrote: I don't know what it is I like so much about Save the Tiger. Maybe it's because we are literally given an absolute bull of a performance by Jack Lemmon and it is easy to see why he won an Oscar here. Maybe it's because it really does draw an engaging parallel in that the world never seems to be quite the same once you get older which is something that everyone can surely relate to Or maybe it's a character that is struggling to come to terms with how much overall life has changed and is still haunted by the memories of the past like the World War 2 flashback etc.Either way this is a divine piece of work simply for seeing how much of a generation gap there is. Flawless stuff.

James S (es) wrote: Look, it's not that bad. It would be very easy to bash this movie for having an unoriginal plot or characters, but that's not why I wanted to see it. I wanted to see a new world collide with the one I am familiar with, and in that regard, the film did its job.We've seen the 'civilized nation clashes with indigenous people' conflict many times, both in fiction and in real life. This story puts us in the lush, beautiful world of Pandora. The visual style here is well-done, and I don't normally care about that sort of thing. The Na'vi people have a well-defined society, and the characters, while stereotypical, are all placed appropriately.The film has its flaws. The plot is predictable; you see where it will go well before the first act is done. The characters are also stock; there is very little originality put into them. The civilized man who falls for the beautiful native girl, the grizzled army leader, the experienced scientist...these should not be a surprise. While they keep consistent to their character, there are no sudden turns.James Cameron created a great world. Unfortunately, he didn't fill it with much.

Brian P (br) wrote: Pure dumb barroom fun. Awesome title song, and of course, the orangutan Clyde :)

Jordan S (kr) wrote: A funny movie with a silly plot. 2.5 stars for the humor.

Fernando C (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie, is one of those movies that are perfect to see when you are traveling or you are bored.... this movie can be such a blast if you can get the logic away for a time..... just sit down and let it take you on that plane.