Avaghachi Sansar

Avaghachi Sansar


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   wedding,  

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Avaghachi Sansar torrent reviews

Siri M (br) wrote: Brings you back to traditional horror where suspense tramples gore. Definitely makes you think and you really sink into the movie. Overall awesome movie.

Ankur S (de) wrote: It is the kind of movie which you want to see with no sound, so that you can run your creative mind and mimic and write your own dialogs for a fun filled 2 hours, instead of the cheesy ones in the movie ...

Nick A (br) wrote: Actors with potential, a script with potential (Tremors yes, but why not), but the worst and unbelievable effects. Think Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus here. I actually continued watching this 'horror' just for the interactions between the characters.

Daryl S (es) wrote: "Love is all about taking chances even if it hurts."I'm actually surprised that I liked this film. Yes, the movie is predictable and is full of cliches, but it surely is funny.

Private U (de) wrote: I had nightmares about grizzly bears for weeks after watching this.

Jim F (fr) wrote: This surprised me a little. with such a subject matter i expected it to be more serious, more dramatic and sensitive. Instead it was actually quite amusing. Every so often the film sidetracked onto some weird secret or obsession possesed by one of the film's characters. I, 1st realized this when watching the 'Slutty kay' stuff. To me it seemed a slight exagerration that a man with a certain standing would allow himself to stoop so low. I just thought it was stupid. Then we have the 'buddy' character from Truman show,Larry, playing another buddy character who slowly showed himself to the narrow minded bully person we have at least one of in our communities. Another example, the blond middle aged , most intolerant member of the mother's group. Her narrowmindedness showed her up eventually at the book club meeting, but even so, she actually wins, proving that life is never so black and white. Even those with the most narrow mindset can actually be right when fully dug deep into. That was interesting. My favorite scene was the date. 1st of all, i love watching social misfits going on a date together (see Fisher King). At this stage I was fully empathetic with Ronnie (the flasher). He put the girl at ease. He showed that he understood. This gave her the encourgement to open her heart,which she was doing (because she was a lonely person) when the camera turned to him slouched in the passenger seat. The whole scene shocked me, the way he couldnt help himself, his glazed look of concentration when doing his act. And her, how must she be feeling at that point. She was confiding in somebody she thought was likeminded and understanding, to being totally disrespected, and used. For somebody to treat you like that must be terrible. A real attack on the soul. Had she known he wasn't really interested in her they could have politely said goodbye and moved on, but this was weird. It's like he couldn't be bothered to go on more dates to get a shag. He chose to end it suddenly on date #1 whilst also getting the sexual thrill that people expect from dating at some point during it's time scale. He used her, but didn't drag it out. Almost comendable, but again shocking for her to be used in such a way. The point of this movie seems to me how all of us in society have our sordid side, but due to our status and other conditions, we are quick to demonize individuals and create witchunts on them. Is this a way to make us feel better about our own insecurities and inadequacies, or dark fantasies? We all have our demons, and we all have our darks sides. We all struggle but some get away with it and others suffer disproportionate antagonistic condemnation.

Megan S (de) wrote: It was okay, it was an old topic that was done in a pretty predictable way. I didn't see the end coming but it left me unsatisfied.

Matt C (mx) wrote: Not all that great. Okay at the time, but remakes have made this movie forgettable in recent years. Affleck and Garner make for a nice pair. Michael Clarke Duncan as kingpin--not the best decision.

Lyn U (fr) wrote: I am a Jack Fan so his performances is always great!!! I appreciated the dry humor...

Tim G (es) wrote: This started out as a nice family film, but turned dark toward the end. At least it has a happy ending. BTW... the young Reese Witherspoon is a cutie pie in this film. Danny De Vito is a professional clown, whose wife's death in a car accident has left him to care for his two young boys. Loving, but useless at the daily job of fathering, the onus falls on plucky Jack the Bear (Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.). De Vito's conscience, and a quantity of alcohol leads him to denounce a neo-fascist candidate on his children's TV program.

John A (br) wrote: Director Curtis Hanson, Presents A Great Revenge, Thriller Which Hasn't Been Made Very Often In The World Of Film. Rebecca De Mornay Stars As Peyton, A Young Women Who Has Taken The Job Of Being A Nanny To A Young Family. What They Don't Know Is She's There For Revenge, As 6 Months Earlier Her Doctor Husband Commited Suicide After The Mother Of The Family Accussed Him Of Inappropriate Behaviour. She Infiltrates The Family As A Harmless And Friendly Women Who Has Dangerous Motives To Make The Family Hers & Eliminate The Other Woman.Rebecca De Mornay Is Excellent Playing The Woman Hell-Bent On Revenge & All Round General Crackpot As She Sets Various Traps To Destroy This Family. Many Would Argue & Many Would Agree With Me But In My Opinion Ernie Hudson's Performance Is My Personnal Favourite As He Portrays Soloman, The Mentally Disabled Family Friend Who Vows That No One Will Hurt This Family As There His Friends. An Excellent Thriller, At A Nice Pace & A Good Script, Story & The Right Atmosphere. Definately Worth A Watch.

Mark Karl H (ca) wrote: Two Bette Davis for the price of one....with a fanastic score by Andre Previn played on a spooky Spinet. Davis plays twins, one of whom is a rich bitch and the other is poor as a church mouse. When the poor twin discovers she was duped out of her rightful marriage twenty years earlier she plots revenge. Superbly supported by Jean Hagen and Estelle Winwood the film is marred slightly by the appearrance of Peter Lawford as a gigolo. Nevertheless this is a wonderfully dark companion piece to "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" and is in my view much more atmospheric and suspenseful than "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" For Davis fans its a must.

Joshua C (kr) wrote: You'll never look at falling leaves the same way again.

Ian C (us) wrote: One of the finest Blaxploitation flicks. That bad its golden. Rudy Ray Moore is one cool cat.