This film, directed by Mikio Naruse, is a study of a one-year marriage that begins to crumble. A married man is torn between the love of his wife, and the attraction to a cousin of his wife. (This film is notable for having two giants of Japanese cinema among its employees, Ishiro Honda and Akira Kurosawa). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Avalanche torrent reviews

Joseph E (nl) wrote: A fun movie for die hard fans of the show, such as myself. Newcomers should watch the show first.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: Billy Elliott superbly combines a real and raw working life piece of history together with a precise and beautiful art form. Language is direct and the humour is subtle but timed to perfection due to the emotional state of the movie. Theres lots of great music and the dance side of the movie is told in an interesting way, non fans of the art like myself can definitely appreciate it.

Dustin R (ag) wrote: Love Iceland and this movie shows it off well! And it's a weird dark indie film to boot!

Jimmy M (ru) wrote: Rightfully episodic and teetering between hilarity and heartbroken. One of the better observed "drug addiction" films. Jack Black bursts onto the screen in an instant star making comedic performance.

Richard Y (us) wrote: Surprisingly great story and fine acting. Gets even better on multiple viewings. One of my all-time faves, esp. from Larry David.

JeanMarie L (fr) wrote: Original, beau et envoutant... un des rares bons films de la Hammer des annees 70.

Kevin Q (ca) wrote: only Pete would watch a film like this one

Paul S (nl) wrote: LaJete, for all its following and high ratings, is essentially a storyboard of a movie. Call me old fashioned but I like my movies to ... well ... move!

Sa W (au) wrote: Phenomenal camera work and another classic character portrayal by Jimmy Stewart are the two main factors that make this film passable. True to form Hitchcock slips in the "reverse Bond scene" where the good guy explains to the bad guy how the main crime did/could have gone down (as opposed to the James Bond bad guy explaining his entire plot for world domination before actually attempting to kill 007). A similar scene was done in Dial M for Murder. Yet I found myself unable to get past the one major (and, to me) glaring plot-hole in this film: there is no plausible reason for Rupert (Stewart) to automatically assume that his college buddies had nefariously done something to the lone missing party guest. AH attempts to explain this away by repeating (often) how Rupert has a mind that works similar to Brandon's and especially Phillip's. But the explanation just doesn't hold water for me. Were I to attend a dinner party, and someone that is perpetually on time was a no-show, it would take ALOT MORE for me to conclude that my friends had kidnapped/murdered said guest than the fact that I knew the hosts to be curious and mischevious. Regardless, a fun, quick film with exquisite camera work and a heavy sense of paranoia and trepidation certainly keeps the viewer's attention for the duration. I wouldn't dispute someone that held this movie in higher esteem based on the script, but for me, as I said, that plot-hole completely engulfed my digestion of this film. (And as a final aside, I wonder if the 80 minutes would have been more satisfying as is, were we never to see the murder take place in the opening frame. In other words, have this movie, but leave it up to the viewer to debate whether or not a crime actually was committed at all by Phillip and Brandon, or whether Rupert was just overly paranoid and out of line. Until the penultimate scene of course. And fear not, this is no spoiler, for the murder is quite literally the first thing you see in this film after the opening credits.....Dear me, apologies for this rant, apparently I had a decent amount to say about Rope!)

Geoff J (jp) wrote: entirely underwhelming

Cece Z (au) wrote: An absolutely stunning movie with a great soundtrack.

Alfie D (nl) wrote: Good for an cartoon/anime film but it isn't a strong as the film and TV shows are. Still a good see for a true marvel fan.

Charlie E (gb) wrote: very great flick as it never gets old.

Roxanne B (jp) wrote: It took a whole hour to get somewhere in the movie. Once the killing starts it continues, this is the last 45 mins of the movie. My god, did I find this movie one of the most boring films ever. I feel like someone made it over a weekend as a school project. It is very predictable from start to finish

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