This film, directed by Mikio Naruse, is a study of a one-year marriage that begins to crumble

(This film is notable for having two giants of Japanese cinema among its employees, Ishiro Honda and Akira Kurosawa). A married man is torn between the love of his wife, and the attraction to a cousin of his wife. This film, directed by Mikio Naruse, is a study of a one-year marriage that begins to crumble

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Users reviews

Aaron M (ca)

Theres lots of great music and the dance side of the movie is told in an interesting way, non fans of the art like myself can definitely appreciate it. Language is direct and the humour is subtle but timed to perfection due to the emotional state of the movie. Billy Elliott superbly combines a real and raw working life piece of history together with a precise and beautiful art form

Alfie D (nl)

Still a good see for a true marvel fan. Good for an cartoon/anime film but it isn't a strong as the film and TV shows are

Cece Z (au)

An absolutely stunning movie with a great soundtrack

Charlie E (gb)

very great flick as it never gets old

Dustin R (ag)

Love Iceland and this movie shows it off well! And it's a weird dark indie film to boot!

Geoff J (jp)

entirely underwhelming

JeanMarie L (fr)

un des rares bons films de la Hammer des annees 70. . . Original, beau et envoutant

Jimmy M (ru)

Jack Black bursts onto the screen in an instant star making comedic performance. One of the better observed "drug addiction" films. Rightfully episodic and teetering between hilarity and heartbroken

Joseph E (nl)

Newcomers should watch the show first. A fun movie for die hard fans of the show, such as myself

Kevin Q (ca)

only Pete would watch a film like this one