A helicopter pilot work with a husband and his wife in the frozen North tagging foxes for the Environmental Protection Agency. When an avalanche hits the group, the husband is killed and ...

. . When an avalanche hits the group, the husband is killed and . A helicopter pilot work with a husband and his wife in the frozen North tagging foxes for the Environmental Protection Agency

Avalanche is the best great movie of Steve Kroschel. This movie was introduced in 1999. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Thomas Ian Griffith, Caroleen Feeney, R. Lee Ermey, C. Thomas Howell, John Ashton, Geoffrey Lower, Hilary Shepard, Gary Kasper, Bill Bacon, John Jabaley, Brett Baker, Jeff Babcock, Eva Barrington, Douglas Fesler, Jerry Harper. The kind of movie are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 4.2 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Aj V (gb)

This is a very interesting movie because it combines so many different elements of different genres, but it gets to be too much, and I really didn't like the ending

Edward B (ru)

. . . . rrrr. . . . lk. . w. . sk. . . r . th. . an. . . is . . . There . Good use of colour and scenery there is, but take a back seat the story does

Jeffrey L (us)

on't get your hopes up, folks!. One would think that a film with a good cast, attractive filming locations and overall good intentions would produce better results. Though some sentimental viewers may remember this one fondly (if they were a VERY undemanding youngster), few will argue that there is nothing here that has not been done better in other family/fantasy films. An appealing cast does its best, but they've all surely done better projects before and after (save for Wayne). Some viewers may look deeper into the fact that the father and daughter relationship factor seems to be the prime focus, but the job does not quite get done here. Yes it is a fantasy, but this seemingly is just a copycat job of earlier (and better) Steven Spielberg movies. Coincidence??? Whether this premise may be considered fascinating or entirely too corny will depend on the viewer's tolerance for straight up absurdity. The young girl becomes officially convinced this legend is true when she leaves some cookies on a doc and they are magically eaten the next day. This promising yet dismal premise finds young Ashley (played by a charmingly cute Sarah Wayne in her only film to date) joining her brother and father on a vacation to a lake near British Columbia where legend has it that a sea creature named "Orky" inhabits the water. Sadly, most will be disappointed by the long stretches of boringness leading to the dull conclusion. Combining intriguing elements like a rumored sea creature living in the nearby lake with other components like father and child relationships, one may have high hopes for this one. A family flick mostly forgotten by today (and mostly for good reason); Magic in the Water was made seemingly to take up space in theatres until better films were released

John M (jp)

I enjoy this movie, but due to it's extremely graphic sexuality, others may not

Justine O (nl)

this is my favorite Jerry Lewis movie ever

Kaitlyn J (nl)

I was hoping it would not have a sad ending but it did in a good way. good story

Maya P (kr)

i like movie monster high

Rudo Z (it)

Gives a lot to think about but could haver been done way better. I love my Christian films but this was the weirdest movie EVER! Great storyline, awesome speeches, questionable acting (I've seen better)

sara (ca)

esta la verdad se queda un poco corta acomparacion de BI es entretenida y madonna se ve muy bien pero sharon stone se ve mas guapa y su papel fue mejor. esta pelicula la vi antes de basic instinct por ser fan de madonna y me habia gustado mucho, pero 2 semanas despues vi basic instnct