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Avan torrent reviews

Li L (es) wrote: Mario Maurer is super cute, oh Jesus the mixed-blood are always incrediblely good-looking.....puppy love, sweet, impressive and often be apart finally but forever beautiful

Justin F (it) wrote: great display of dysfunction!

Vanessa B (us) wrote: was ok. could have explained a lot of stuff though.

Heather M (gb) wrote: A little slow, a little strange, and a lot British. At least everyone was happy in the end.

Josh H (au) wrote: A strange, at times, cerebral film from Mongolia about degradation of spiritual endeavors through industrial capitalism.

David K (jp) wrote: Woody thinks Hollywood is a strange and hollow place. I'll agree

Trevor W (ca) wrote: A simplistic and charming tale about wannabe burglars. The pace is slow and there's not much to it, but the characters and their quirks keep you interested.

Srini v (ag) wrote: SRK is best actor:) ,good style, good movie. Amrish acting is great:)

Lori O (us) wrote: farrah fawcett farrah fawcett

Cha t (kr) wrote: Andy Warhol and Joe Dellesandro. Underground movie history. See 'Heat' and 'Trash' also, and for real fun the 3D frankenstein movie too.

DeadHead m (kr) wrote: couldn't they at least hire native americans to play the indian roles??

Dave R (nl) wrote: a gritty noir about a cop tracking down a killer who is trying to protect a girl he loves. great performances.

Derrick M (nl) wrote: Well played, written and acted with some dark comedic current ideas. Watch it!

Jonathan W (ag) wrote: Filled with angry wit and cynicism, this under-recognized classic coveys a painful but poignant message--sometimes, being yourself carries with it a terrible cost.