Avanak Apti

Avanak Apti

Apti is a simple minded village man and he believes what is happening around him by chance is actually his doing. He becomes famous by beating a feared man and everyone starts to respect ...

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Gaspar O (fr) wrote: For an old story that had the potential to be a snoozefest, this true tale was interesting enough to keep us awake long after most people are piling up the firewood. It was not exciting, it was not fun, it was just interesting, perhaps even entertaining.

Josh H (es) wrote: A look at the civil rights movement and the music that accompanied it. I really enjoyed it.

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Wrik S (it) wrote: a very typical horror movie with average acting and storyline.... a wee-bit too gory at times, but in all, just a decent pop-corn movie and timekiller....

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Calvin R (ca) wrote: The Ring was indeed scary. Naomi Watts performance was fantastic, the visuals were creepy, the story was great. This is one of the few better remakes out there.

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Luis R (ca) wrote: I know its corny, but this could easily be my favorite movie of all time, lol.

Greg W (au) wrote: all star cast CB Demille's epic look at the west & railroads

Lovro H (kr) wrote: I'm not really sure why I watched this, but I am so glad I did! I've never seen a horror movie before with frogs, so might as well give it a shot. Now, there are a lot of frogs in this movie, and I really do mean a lot, but they don't kill anybody until the last minute of the film... Misleading... You know you're doing something wrong when you have a movie called Frogs, but all of the kills are by other creatures and not frogs. On the up-side, we get a lot of close-ups of frogs! Yes! This movie would make for a great drinking game! Whenever there is a close-up of a frog, you take a drink. I honestly could not keep a straight face watching this movie. It tries so hard to be serious in tone and acting, but it just ends up even more ridiculous! There are a few scary kills, though. The effects are okay for the year, I guess. But, it aged really bad! The acting is good, suprisingly. The characters are all really weird and a bit off. Especially the old man Jason and Iris. The soundtrack is very intense for a movie like this. All in all, a ridiculous horror with a lot of frogs, good acting, interesting characters, but it takes itself way too seriously. I would recommend watching this for the frog close-ups. They're glorious!

Augustine H (us) wrote: In terms of courtroom and prison drama regarding injustice, there are no lacks of masterpieces, like Norman Jewison's The Hurricane and Frank Darabont's The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. But few are like In the Name of the Father which is telling a blatant truth without much false editing and dramatization. What's more, it's about the IRA, a dark history which is fewer and fewer mentioned in the media. Framed as terrorists for setting up the explosions, but who is the real culprit after all? Sadly, the truth is often covered by emotions, patriotism and unfounded public opinion. As long as sentiments are aroused to turn against you, you are doomed. Just come to think of it: in a situation like that, what can you do if you were in the English's shoes? If revenge and violence are not stopped, will the Conlons be ever allowed a chance to file an appeal in England? The abuse we witnessed here is still repeating after 40 years, and will persist as long as there is inequality in the world, regrettably. Regarding the acting crews, Daniel Day-Lewis gives a brilliant performance as the once rebellious adolescent turning into a mature and determined heroic figure, but Pete Postlethwaite is even better, for all the aspirations he offers as a simple, honest and kindhearted father.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!