• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Avandaro 1971 full movies, Avandaro torrents movie

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Avandaro torrent reviews

Rena T (ca) wrote: Made me cry even though there wasn't a tragedy.

Lisa J (us) wrote: Just okay, but I couldn't get past Rose McGowan's plastic surgery gone wrong.

jarrad b (ru) wrote: Found footage style movie with nothing good in it. Took forever to get going, actually thats wrong it never got going. Went into a cult style religion rubbish at the end. Don't bother watching this.

Rich G (gb) wrote: It??s anovver bri-ish gangster movie, innit? Well, yes, as it goes. Sean Bean is Danny Bryant, an ex-Para who returns from Iraq to find out his wife has moved a new bloke in, and the world has changed and left him a little behind. Violence reigns in inner city London (surely not!) which provides a target for his rage, and after a couple of incidents decides to make a stand. Several like minded men including a surprisingly subdued Danny Dyer and an excellent performance from Lennie James (Snatch) decide that they share a common cause, and it??s time for a little payback, Dyer from constantly living in fear of the ??yoof?? who congregate wherever he seems to go, and James as a barrister trying to put a gang boss behind bars. The trouble is, the gang boss has half of the local constabulary in his pocket, including the inspector in charge of Bob Hoskins; the gruff copper who discovers the Outlaws secret, and decides to help them out. The plot is risible, the dialogue fruity and thin, and the film occasionally hangs together with a thread, but Bean, James and Dyer prove that great performances can drag a film out of the mire. There are several instances where you find yourself clenching your fists hoping that the cardboard bad guys get an absolute pasting, then groan when it??s the good guys nursing their bruises. There are a couple of wince inducing moments for good measure. The best way to sum up this film is to make use of the plentiful vernacular use within the movie itself: Enjoyable Bollocks.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: The problem of immigration simmered slowly inside the guts of one smalltown 70's English family. Funny and tragic, with better than competent performances throughout make for a very engaging piece.

Jon R (es) wrote: Somehow, they managed to over dramatize one of the most dramatic adventure stories ever. Also, why is Krakhauer being played by Christopher McDonald?

Andrew L (jp) wrote: It's a definite oddity but it should be looked at for just that reason especially if you love the "View Askewniverse".

Ps G (de) wrote: You can call it a black comedy which you never saw again.

Rachel S (gb) wrote: Gun Confession & Police brutality have never looked so good, complete Illuminati garbage

Frances H (jp) wrote: I liked this movie, which featured a terrific performance by Toni Collette, but I wouldn't call it a rom-com, but a drama, which featured a woman learning her true worth, and to discard the shallow values of her hypocritical father and the bitchy high school cliche that kicked her out. Therefore it's really a film about Muriel's journey of self discovery, and a very good one.