A triangular love story, it revolves around Anu (Sujatha) who is caught between Bharani (Ravikumar), the man she fell in love with and Ramanathan (Rajinikanth), her former sadistic husband who is supposedly reformed and wants to rejoin her and Janardhan (Kamal Haasan)a silent lover lurking on the sidelines..

The movie revolves around the trials and tribulations of Anu (Sujatha). Anu is a happy-go-lucky girl who is in love with her boyfriend. Her life changes when her father gets transferred to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Avargal torrent reviews

Yenibet P (it) wrote: Terrible movie. It put my little cousins asleep. It could of have been better.

Bengel W (de) wrote: The photography and lighting are well done allowing for a fine visual experience. The acting and script are terrible and make the movie dismal at best. This movie is best watched on the kitchen TV while having your head in the oven to check for the smell of gas, or to lick the grease off the fan whilst it is running. Nibbles: Bake a Dundee Cake.

Christian L (ag) wrote: Fantasic movie. It is a paradigm of underground comedies. A great panel of actors from some of my favorite TV Shows, Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Fran Kranz (Dollhouse). A bundle of laughs. One of my favorite movies.

Garwin S (ru) wrote: Original black comedy about the constant quest for youth. Reminiscent of Paul Bartel's "Eating Raoul".

Carlos D (mx) wrote: Ok,puedo admitir que las actuaciones no son malas,la produccion no es mala...pero el concepto,los chistes,la trama...la verdad se me hizo muy estupida esta pelicula y predecible...Mexico...ahi la llevas,en unas decadas mas habra taaal vez,cine de calidad.

Kim P (ag) wrote: It was awful. Even Jon couldn't save this movie.

Paul B (fr) wrote: It brings up a lot of interesting material to think about, though the fundamental problem with Bowling for Columbine is its drifting nature, lacking focus or direction, with a frustrating climax that fails to convince. Michael Moore makes quite a few leaps in his logic that just aren't sound no matter what direction they're considered, and he contradicts himself on a number of different occasions.It's quite clear his message is for stricter regulation on gun control, but the film goes into overlong tangents ranging to topics so loosely connected there hardly seems to be any connection at all, and entirely irrelevant to the central message. With tighter editing, a greater focus, and sounder conclusions that don't feel entirely off-the-wall under the context of information being presented, this might've been a compelling time investment.

Steve A (br) wrote: " I'd give it a damn good try..." lol

Rebecca P (au) wrote: Sad, sweet, funny, romantic..... wonderful.