Two troubled teens hitchhike across Bulgaria.

Two troubled teens hitchhike across Bulgaria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (br) wrote: Mbius : jeu d'espions tortueux et lent, servi par de bons acteurs ; au final, on s'ennuie un peu, mme si ce n'est pas inintressant.

Celeste G (jp) wrote: This movie did not show in my area I would love to see it.

Chris W (it) wrote: So bad, it's funny. Signature moments include a bicycle kick and an exploding flare.

Ro C (au) wrote: "Even though they're big and powerful, they're so much like us. We're vulnerable and we get scared. We need help sometimes too."--The whales are so appealing, and the fight to free them from their ice prison so excitingly feel-good, that all cynicism is put aside.

Al M (es) wrote: I was willing to grant and follow In Search of Lovecraft's premise: a journalist researching a Halloween story on the life and works of H.P. Lovecraft stumbles upon a cult of Nyalarthotep that proves all of Lovecraft's stories are true. Oh, and yes, the film features a Blair-Witch-style, POV aesthetic. While In Search of Lovecraft features a few decently creepy shots of Nyalarthotep in his guise as the black man, the film is otherwise a completely lame, badly acted, poorly conceived, and atrocious piece of garbage. I genuinely wanted this film to be awesome, but it failed on every technical level. Even allowing for its being a low-budget, independent horror film, it still a total piece of trash that fails to measure up to the classic horror stories that inspired it.

Marcin W (de) wrote: quite boring film that doesn't point out the very strong points of an interesting book.

Bernhard S (gb) wrote: deutsche geschichte rund um den fussball 1954. ein toller film - kein sportfilm im klassischen sinn eher eine mehrschichtige geschichte aus dem blickwinkel verschiedener (fiktiver?) zeitzeugen - dachte vorab nicht, dass der film so gut sein wrde - ist er aber doch ...

Kunal K (it) wrote: a dark, disturbing tale of a seeminly-schizophrenic father of two brothers. Bill Paxton's directorial debut is quite good. Creepy and wouldn't recommend.

Julie S (ca) wrote: definitely on my top 5 for favorite movies, probably number 1.

Matthew O (br) wrote: A very underrated and overlooked film by Martin Rosen. The message against animal cruelty coupled with the gorgeous hand-drawn animation left me speechless. I would say it is perhaps the greatest animated film I have ever seen. The relationship between Rowf and Snitter is very touching and often times made me tear up. If you love dogs (or animals in general), it can be a tough but VERY rewarding movie to watch. As others will write: this is a very bleak film. It was definitely made for a more mature audience, although this does not necessarily mean "adults only." If you're going to see it, look for the uncut version online rather than the cut US edition, which abandoned many important scenes in the film (about 17 minutes). The uncut version will be 99 minutes long, the cut about 82.Again, nothing more to say than "watch it." You will not be disappointed, and if you're lucky it may change you in the way it did me.

Jonathan S (fr) wrote: Not exactly an enjoyable experience.