Ave María

Ave María


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JH K (ag) wrote: Me pone de muy mala ostia el final. El mensaje es una mierda, el puto mundo y su gentuza apesta.

Joel M (ca) wrote: 7/10: Who is playing who? :)

Baris O (ca) wrote: This is good and cool.

Mark H (jp) wrote: A very dark and ironic irish gangster film. Gleeson is hilarious as a heavy who wants to keep his job and take care of his kids at the same time.

Lisa L (nl) wrote: Very good movie, different for Angelina Jolie, but a great film. Make sure you have time to watch all at once, 3 hours long!! Enjoy

Grant S (br) wrote: Interesting, heart-warming movie. Plot is quite innovative, and always engaging. Does seem to run out of ideas toward the end though, and degenerates into a car-chase movie. Plot is also not entirely watertight.Quite funny at times, and emotional too.Jeff Bridges makes the movie, with his funny, quirky, empathetic portrayal of the alien. His Oscar nomination was well-deserved. Karen Allen is great in her role too.Good support from Charles Martin Smith.Not an absolute must-see, but very entertaining and certainly not a movie you will regret watching.

Tyger P (mx) wrote: I can't even began to comprehend the joy I felt when megawepon crushed that annoying bike

Jonny P (kr) wrote: Although Robert Duvall has often played important (and impressive) supporting roles in some of the most significant films in history, "Tender Mercies" IS Robert Duvall. His performance is great and he deserved the Oscar, but I believe that he has been more deserving of an Oscar for some of his other roles. That being said, he is excellent as this mysterious drifter whose past is slowly revealed through his relationship with his new wife and old friends. His former-country-singer-persona is very believable, particularly in the scene where he is teaching his step-son about chord structure. The script is pretty good and the story delivers a rough twist. I wouldn't call this one of the best films of all time but any fan of Duvall must see his Oscar-winning performance in Tender Mercies.

Peter B (jp) wrote: I've been curious to see if this movie deserves its status as one of the worst movies of all time. Well now I can say, yes it absolutely does.

Janeal M (ag) wrote: Excellent movie for anyone connected to a vet from any war. Dirk was unforgetable in this role.

Cameron J (au) wrote: A highly influential and groundbreaking film with a lot of humor and heart. Like Nosferatu (by the same director), this film understands that silent films are all about actions and expressions, and that too much dialogue is not a good thing when you can't hear what the hell people are saying. There are maybe 10 lines of dialogue in this entire film, and the rest is based on acting and cinematography (a very deserving winner of the first Oscar for cinematography). A very important film that all film fans should watch.

Alex r (ru) wrote: Just Married is a decent comedy with a few good laughs, but it could have been done far better as well. The film had potential in doing something far better, and it does fall short. In the long run, this is a film that is worth seeing only once as the jokes become stale over multiple viewings. The idea behind the film was good, but the gags just didn't hold up. The cast do a decent job in their performances, but it simply doesn't make up for a great comedic experience. The film leaves room for improvement and it deliver some good laughs here and there but it could have been better. The film suffers from a lacking script that could have been rewritten a few times. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy do what they can with the material and they pull off something entertaining. Just Married is fun, but like I said it could have been better due to its interesting ideas. This is a decent film to watch when you have nothing else better to do, and it makes for a mindless viewing experience that brings on a few good laughs, and effective moments. However this is a forgettable film that since its release, there has been far better films in this genre. Worth seeing, but there are too many underdeveloped ideas on-screen to really make it a hilarious film that warrants rewatching again and again. Expect something slightly humorous, but keep in mind that the film had plenty of wasted potential as well. Just Married is not the best rom com out there, but it certainly isn't the worst. Funny in some areas, and sketchy in others, this is a film that doesn't try too hard at being something great due to a script that reveals too many lacking, uninspired ideas.

David W (br) wrote: Predator mixes everything a movie can offer: Action, science fiction, and horror

Jordan J (kr) wrote: This movie really is trying but for most of the run time, it fails to make you laugh.