Avenged Sevenfold at Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 22, 2013. Setlist: 01. Shepherd of Fire 02. Critical Acclaim 03. Beast and the Harlot 04. Hail to the King 05. Buried Alive 06. Fiction 07. Nightmare 08. This Means War 09. Afterlife 10. Requiem 11. Bat Country 12. Unholy Confessions

When Chili Ncgobo, an honest but ambitious undercover cop, is cheated out of a major reward by his corrupt superiors, he infiltrates a cash-in-transit heist gang, and instead of busting them, he decides to participate in a one off score. He must face off against his partner who refuses to let him do it and one of the gang members who recognizes him as a cop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (es) wrote: An impressive directorial debut,This film has it's flaws but above all it has an entertaining storyline & likeable characters that you can relate to,Fling isn't amazing but it's an enjoyable film,I say SEE IT!!!

Tristan P (it) wrote: Hugo is plenty of fun for all ages with its gorgeous visuals, great cast, and a story filled with childlike wonder.

Burton D (ca) wrote: Several great scenes are hampered with a hooker with a heart of gold subplot that goes nowhere and one of the most bafflingly awful final acts this viewer has ever seen. Wu Jing is better left to supporting roles like in SPL. The highlight is a an obvious King of Fighters-inspired brawl on board a boat.

Yunus K (es) wrote: It was a good sequel but a lack of storyline. You couldnt feel the story as much as the first one. It has more action scenes thats true bit doesnt make up for the predictable story.

Adam F (au) wrote: "Derailed" is a ridiculous thriller that only gets worse as it goes along. The whole film depends on the main character (played by Clive Owen) being the most gullible, suggestible and idiotic victim of blackmail in the history of mankind and it becomes so infuriating you'll need to take breaks during the film to scream out in rage. A quick resume of what happens in the movie to give some context: Charles Schine works in the advertising industry, is married to Deanna and has a daughter that's type 1 diabetic. The two parents work non-stop to save up money in order to get their daughter some medical help and pay off their second mortgage on the house. One day, "Charles" meets "Lucinda" (played by Jennifer Anniston) on a train, the two hit it off and start having an affair, but when they go back to a hotel room, they're victims of a vicious crime. The criminal in question is "Philippe" (played by Vincent Cassel) who proceeds to blackmail "Charles" for outrageous sums of money. So you might be able to think of some problems with this set up from the beginning... like "Why is Charles going along with this instead of calling the police?" Well the answer to that question is because he's a total moron. It doesn't take a genius to realise that the reason why a criminal would tell you "not to contact the police" is because the police would be able to solve the whole affair quickly. It also doesn't take a genius to realise that if you give a blackmailer some money, they're not going to go away. You almost want "Philippe" to succeed with his plot because you have no sympathy for someone who would be stupid enough to give all of his money to one of the most transparent and one dimensional villains ever seen on screen. He's so evil that he casually goes around beating up people (even in their own house), threatening people over the phone and even commiting murder to get his blackmail money. The guy feels like a total amateur at the whole blackmail thing because he's just leaving evidence everywhere but thankfully he's picked the biggest pushover ever as his victim.As the movie goes, there are several scenes that feel very awkward and create plot holes for the film. In one scene that cements "Charles" as a total fool, he is speaking to a police officer when he gets a call from the blackmailer. It doesn't take a titan of intellect to think that maybe if you passed the phone onto the detective while making a "shh, just listen" motion, you would probably be able to set the bad guy up to confess his crimes to the police right there and then! Because this is a thriller that does rely on some twists to keep itself going, it would be wrong to write down all of the scenes that have logical problems in them but particularly towards the end these become more and more obvious. It's just really hard to believe that the man who has been saving money for years for his daughter to get better would just throw it away because he was almost unfaithful to his wife. For that reason the movie really doesn't work but it is, at the very least entertaining throughout. Sure, it will drive you mad looking at these fools making the dumbest choices possible while dealing with this whole blackmail plot but you won't be able to turn it off because the movie consistently tops its own stupidity. Other than that, Jennifer Anniston sure looks good trying to seduce Clive Owen and the performances are decent too.The plot of "Derailed" is utter nonsense but it does stay consistantly more interesting as it goes along and even though the characters are surprisingly stupid you'll still be curious to see what happens to them; it might not be good but there is some entertainment to be found here. (Dvd, March 29, 2013)

Kristina K (es) wrote: These street gang movies are pretty much all the same with some exceptions. This one doesn't get your attention, nothing deep here, although they tried. But, get this - Stephen Dorff, Norman Reedus, James Franco, Brad Renfro and Matt Dillon. Daaaaaamn!

Mary S (ru) wrote: it's got both Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert do I need to add anything else?

Phill S (jp) wrote: Love this movie. The sheer number of brilliant moments - not the least of which is Val Kilmer's peerless performance, make this one of the richest, most satisfying "westerns" I have ever seen...

Dylan M (de) wrote: Its a great film. Sean Penn is funny and gives an overall good performance. The movie was a little hard for me to get fully into though probably because of its lack of attention grabbing feeling while it focuses more on the life of teenagers and era. Still enjoyable

Mode V (au) wrote: first pinoy film shown in cannes... kaya lang.. pag makarinig na ako ng tumutulong tubig sa gripo.. may naiimagine na ako bwahahah

Greg W (us) wrote: another good 'root 4 tha underdog' sports movie.

ChillinDylan G (kr) wrote: Crass, crude, violent comedy involving minor-league hockey. Paul Newman plays the coach/player of crappy team in Charlestown who don't win often and are going to be disbanded - and he essentially invents a potential "move" to Florida to inspire his team to win. Unforgettable characters and villains, and the vulgarity is present in just about every scene. Very quotable lines with exceptional dialogue for on early '80s comedy, and it is well acted throughout. The addition of the Hansons as total goons lead to some hilarious moments. It's ironic that the subject matter deals with franchises moving/folding, which has been a huge issue with major sports teams over the past 30 years. One of the best sports movies as well as one of the best comedies ever.Grade = 8.5/10