Avenged Sevenfold at Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 22, 2013. Setlist: 01. Shepherd of Fire 02. Critical Acclaim 03. Beast and the Harlot 04. Hail to the King 05. Buried Alive 06. Fiction 07. Nightmare 08. This Means War 09. Afterlife 10. Requiem 11. Bat Country 12. Unholy Confessions

An undercover cop risks his career (and life) to settle a score. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim B (nl) wrote: if you watched the tv series you'll like the movie

Shimorinkumo H (ru) wrote: Falcon Rising has no other ambition but to be a run-of-the-mills revenge flick, which is fine, but it's lack of energy and tension say other wise.

kalee f (br) wrote: One of the most touching movies I've ever watched. It allows people everywhere to connect. People want to believe that everything will work out in that last stretch when everything seems to be going wrong. Mario's performance as his father is amazing. The beginning of the movie doesn't catch you, but once Melvin starts shooting the film he has so much passion for, you can't keep your eyes off the screen. I also loved the real interviews in the end. I would suggest this movie as inspiration to anyone attempting to do something they are willing to put their whole life into.

Jason H (us) wrote: Stanwyck is great in this movie which was controversial for it's time and was heavily edited. I saw the unedited version and must say that while not a great movie...it is quite good. The classic old story of a woman sleeping her way to the top...very heart warming! An almost unrecognizable John Wayne makes an appearance and as a whole this film is pretty good but not quite memorable beyond it's footnote in movie censorship. Suggested for fans of old movies and those interested in how censorship has changed.

(us) wrote: Top notch film. I have watched this 5 times and every time I discover something new. This is an excellent film that one either gets or one doesn't and I get it. The British actress is absolutely brilliant in it. Love the London accent. Brilliant.

(us) wrote: This movie destroyed the world Christopher Paolini worked so hard to create. Hope someone will remake this shit.

Boogie B (br) wrote: We finally get to see the two biggest action stars working side by side. I think it is worth seeing. Just wish the movie would have kept the original title The Tomb, and had a couple of rewrites.

The Movie G (gb) wrote: The best hunger games out of all of them.

Game M (jp) wrote: That you Dad? :))))))))))))