Avenging Force

Avenging Force

Martial arts expert Matt Hunter was one of the most promising operatives in Army intelligence until his parents were killed by terrorists, and he retired to the family's farm in Louisiana to take care of his 12-year-old sister Sara and their grandfather Jimmy. Larry Richards, a black man running for the Senate, is one of Matt's best friends. Larry has become the target of The Pentangle, a racist organization led by a man named Glastenbury, and Glastenbury doesn't want Larry to be elected. In an attempt on Larry's life during a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, The Pentangle kills one of Larry's sons. Matt lets Larry, his wife Daisy, and his other son move to the remotely located farm so they can hide from Glastenbury and the Pentangle, but the Pentangle strikes again, setting the farmhouse on fire. Matt and Sara escape as the only survivors. Then the Pentangle kidnaps Sara, sending Matt on a mission to rescue Sara from Glastenbury and the Pentangle

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   forest,  

Matt Hunter, a former Military Intelligence man who resigned so that he could take care of his sister following his parents' death, goes to visit Larry Richards, a friend who's running for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith F (ag) wrote: This movie is so predictable its sad. It has simply been done time and time again, and this time they dont even make an attempt to alter the plot. Its Friday the 13th, Halloween and every other teen slasher movie you already know by heart. In fact right after the car crash, you know who is going to die, pretty much what order and which make it out alive. The end is just as predictable with the classic "the killers appear dead but get up one more time" scene. You've seen this movie, dont waste your time renting it again

Muhammad K (us) wrote: Good movie with comedy elements in it but it have some red herrings though .

Claire T (de) wrote: ok film but I don't think I'll watch this movie ever again, I didn't think it was a good movie and I won't want it again, I thought the movie was crap and it starred Robert Patrick (Terminator 2 Judgement Day)

bill s (au) wrote: Very funny,very entertaining baseball movie with a funny cast of characters.

Ed C (nl) wrote: One line summary: Almost as good as the first, but quite different.--------------------- We start HR II more or less the next day after HR I ended. Kirsty is in a mental hospital after escaping the cenobites and failing to destroy the puzzle cube. The multiple murder investigation continues at her late father's house. Dr. Channard has custody (more or less) of Kirsty, who is not doing much at first to secure her independence from authorities. Meanwhile, the cube has found its way to another person. One needs to watch to the end to see this part explained. At the hospital, Dr. Channard actually listens to Kirsty's involved tale about Frank, Julia, Larry, and the cenobites. Dr. Channard has a great deal of knowledge about the puzzle cubes (plural) and occult matters in general. He keeps his arcana at his house. Perhaps even worse, the doctor uses his patients as experimental animals. One of his basement efforts draws a lot of blood, which brings back Julia. Judging from the first film, the cenobites will not be far behind. Kyle observes this since he was snooping in the Channard's private lab, and hid himself before the doc and the unfortunate patient came in. Julia practices her whiles on Dr. Channard after he takes her home, and lets him know that all she needs is skin. Julia gets her desired skin from other doomed patients that he brings to her. Meanwhile, Kyle springs Kirsty from the mental institution, since he now thinks that her story was blow-by-blow true. Kyle takes her to Channard's house, where she pores over his documents and objects. Unfortunately, Kyle meets a fully recovered Julia, and the end of his life. Channard employs the mute patient Tiffany to solve one of the puzzle boxes. Sure enough, the cenobites are summoned. Will Channard and Julia survive? How about Kirsty and Tiffany? Will Kirsty find Larry while the paths between worlds are still open?----Scores------- Cinematography: 9/10 Better than the original, at least what I saw streamed on Netflix. This one had the correct aspect ratio, and was consistently better filmed. Sound: 5/10 Not as good. There was no original score for this one, and the sound was not an effective part of the film. Acting: 8/10 Clare Higgins was my favourite in this film. Sean Chapman was again good as Frank Cotton. Kenneth Cranhum was fine as Dr. Channard. Ashley Laurence had better lines, and gave a better performance than in the first film. Screenplay: 5/10 The maze of the cenobites was murky and unclear, rather like playing a game where the rules are enforced, but not published. The influence of gaming gets even worse in some of the later sequels. The front end of the film could have used more careful exposition, but it did move right along.

Damon R (es) wrote: I've seen better DC movies than this.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: La vi por segunda vez, la primera vez fue el 95 y me pareci amena para ser la adaptacin de un cmic est bien, deslumbrado con los primeros planosde Diane Lane.