Aventura en las islas Cíes

Aventura en las islas Cíes


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Aventura en las islas Cíes torrent reviews

Red L (de) wrote: Really hokey movie. I gave 1/2 star for the movie and one for the music.

Mitchell Z (au) wrote: Despite the best efforts of its star studded leads, This Means War fails to take advantage of the talent thats right in front of them. Its funny and entertaining in spurts, but the plot is simply stupid and overplayed.

Sheila M (kr) wrote: Surprised by this lovely film that shows the aging process and how it affects a chamber music quartet that has played together for 25 years. Beautiful music, and a surprising and satisfactory conclusion.

adrianne h (jp) wrote: i actually liked it even though it wasnt even that good. the acting was weak, the camera was shakey, and sometimes the music was louder than the dialogue but i liked it! it was different, dangerous, disturbing, and deranged! i wouldn't suggest this film to just anyone though, it has to be someone who can embrace the strange. good job party monster and your crazy club kids too!

Jessica J (es) wrote: Never even heard of it.

Blair K (kr) wrote: its so campy but you can tell the actors are having a good time especially dennis quaid as the larger than life jerry lee lewis. definitely one of my guilty pleasures haha.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: A "swashbuckling vampire hunter" who does very little swashbuckling and not a great deal of hunting.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: Bernardo Bertolucci's true masterpiece. A flawed and complex Fascist's life is told in multi-layered flashbacks. Instead of criticizing Fascism directly, Bertolucci aims at exploring the distortion and destruction of childhood trauma, homosexuality, dysfunctional family relationship, false religion and the disillusioned ideological manipulation of human mind. Jean-Louis Trintignant played this complex character masterfully, although he just needs to exemplify a creature without emotion, empathy and orientation. But he also presents the internal conflict between cowardice and suppressed 'abnormal' emotions in an endearing manner to emphasize that many are indeed leading a soulless life like Marcello did - only unconsciously without self-realization. Just link the character of Marcello to the emotionless Michael Corleone in The Godfather: Part II will you realize Bertolucci's legacy and significance. Excellent score by Georges Delerue.

Rainer K (gb) wrote: My choice of Wilder films I'm watching is indeed a thing of curiosity. At this point, I've only seen some of his mediocre work and beside The Apartment left out the good stuff.Five Graves to Cairo is one of his earliest films (his third feature as a director), and beside some funny moments and a really great premise is a comedy of errors - literally.Beside the hilariously bad opening sequence with the "ghost tank" in the desert and maybe the worst staggering I've ever seen by a professional actor, the casting is slightly atrocious. Multinationality Hollywood-style: Anne Baxter (US) plays a French maid (faking a really bad accent), Franchot Tone (US) plays a British army Corporal (he doesn't even try), Erich von Stroheim (Austria) plays Erwin Rommel with a light Schwarzenegger-esque accent, furthermore we've got a Spanish as an Italian and an Armenian as a Egyptian. Lol, why not?The film also fails in focussing on the good stuff and leaving out the goofy scenes. It doesn't get to thrilling even though there would be enough material for a serious spy film and despite some memorable one-liners, it doesn't fulfill its comedic potential either.There are some scenes though, that show what Wilder is capable of doing. In situations of great despair and earnestness he finds the fun stuff beneath the drama, digs it out and makes us laugh - and feel kinda bad for it the next second - Wilder specialized in this kind of storytelling like no second director (Lubitsch and in some of his films, Chaplin, came close though).This is an early efforts of his and definitely not his best - I can't understand why Tarantino put it in his list of his favourite eleven movies of all time (which was actually the reason I was watching it).

Lauryn S (ag) wrote: Great debaucherous comedy, keeps you laughing your *&! off. Gigante is not typically a known for being a "comedic" actor, so that was a refreshing change. They even slip in a "love story" for the true romantic people. Gigante is immediately cast as a sleeze bag, which he usually plays; but he beefs up his A list status by showing off his comedic side.

Alden S (us) wrote: 10 out of 10:Nostalgic, funny, and filled with entertaining moments, Dazed and Confused makes for one of the best high school movies.

Yannick D (es) wrote: The character moments are a bit rushed and the CGI is hit or miss. All of which doesn't deter from the fact that Kung Fu Hustle is a bold and stylish piece of pure outlandish fun.

Gabriel P (es) wrote: Um filme lento e previsvel, mas com forte carga dramtica. uma boa pedida indie para o fim de semana.