Film starring Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore and Dina Pathak

Amar and Mansi are in love, and decide to get married. They do so, and still continue to be in love. They get to their first wedding anniversary, and decide to hire a taxi-cab for a day, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Avishkaar torrent reviews

Ryan A (mx) wrote: Funny, pretty good comedy

Saad K (au) wrote: Wir sind die Nacht - We are the Night - CATCH IT (B+)A German movie deals with deals with a young woman who gets bitten by a female vampire and drawn into her world. She falls in love with a young police officer who investigates a murder case involving the vampires. Wir sind die Nacht took its inspiration from Carmilla rather than Dacula which was a wise decision and it made the movie really interesting and enjoyable.Wir sind die Nacht has a top notch production value and performance by all the leading actresses. Initially it looked like Karoline Herfurth playing Lena took her inspiration from Lisbeth Slander but once she is bitten and becomes Vampire she transforms into this gorgeous young girl. The transition is so drastic that a person like me who have not seen her previously in any movie was completely stunned. Nino Hoss is powerful as the vampire leader and I saw her recently in "The Woman in Berlin" so it was shocking to see her in such urban movie. Jennifer Ulrich is gorgeous; she literally looked like someone stole her from 1920s. Anna Fischer as vamp party girl brought her spunk to her spunky character. Max Riemelt is the hottest German actor alive, darn he sizzles on screen. His chemistry with Karoline Herfurth made the small love story really interesting. We are the Night is one of the best Vampire movie I have seen in recent years, its urban, chic and filled with strong performances. I would love to see a sequel for sure as the ending was ambiguous.

Mansoor A (it) wrote: A waste of my time & money, and what's infinitely worse is the waste of my mac's disk space. Horrible attempt to make a comedy movie. They should have stopped at "Golmaal Returns", somehow they gave another shot. With the exception of big name actors, there's nothing big about this movie. I am "mans & I enjoy movies".

Moriah F (us) wrote: One of my all time favorites.

Nick B (ag) wrote: City of God is a Brazilian gangster film that vividly displays the life in the slums of Rio. A powerful film with several strong performances

Kade C (gb) wrote: A sequel that is as good if not better than the original. Toy Story 2 brings original and some new characters into a richer story with a fantastic message behind it. A movie that can be watched for all ages for an uplifting time.

Slobodan M (mx) wrote: my favourite movie concerning the bosnian war. its superb in every way, from the cinematography, to the casting, to the comical genious employed throughout the film

Sven S (kr) wrote: Oh, the irony of its title...

Eric H (fr) wrote: committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew.I find it interesting that in French the term "American night" means the same as our term "day for night", wherein scenes filmed during the day appear to be shot at night (although discerning eyes can still tell the difference). Why "American night"? Interesting.One of the film's themes is whether or not films are more important than life for those who make them, its many allusions both to film-making and to movies themselves (perhaps unsurprising given that Truffaut began his career as a film critic who championed cinema as an art form). The film opens with a picture of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, to whom it is dedicated. In one scene, Ferrand opens a package of books he had ordered: they are books on directors he admires such as Luis Buuel, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Jean-Luc Godard, Ernst Lubitsch, Roberto Rossellini and Robert Bresson. Also Francois Truffaut's Day for Night is a movie that tells the interesting way that how movies were made back then.It tells the story of a dedicated film director named Ferrand (played by Francois Truffaut) who is trying so hard to finish a movie that is based on a true story called Meet Pamela, but however Ferrand has difficulty trying to finish his movie due to an overwhelming amount of crises for example, accidents, trying to give up on the movie, and death. The movie that Ferrand makes has sort of an It Happened One Night (1934) type of story, about an English wife who is falling in love and running away with the father of her husband. One thing that I found to be a coincidence while watching this movie is that Truffaut was the director of this movie, and he plays a director who is making the movie and I thought to myself (weren't the actors confused while making this movie and as well as it's story?, maybe or maybe not). but in the end it was just a wonderful movie about film-making in my undying movie loving opinion.

visitorQ S (jp) wrote: Well... This was, french. ;-)

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Effective Submarine Tale with a Good Cast--Deep and murky!!