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Avismanden torrent reviews

Steve S (ru) wrote: One hundred sasional

Kathy T (de) wrote: I was looking forward to an "End of Days" type movie but was really disappointed. This movie was actually filmed in South Vancouver. Looks and feels like a low budget production. It was good to see actor Peter Wingfield (Methos from the Highlander Series).

Lewis C (ca) wrote: "She unleashed a fantasy online that was addictive as any drug, and as lethal as any bullet."Like the somewhat similar documentary Catfish, Talhotblond is a real-life story about how easy it is to hide behind a fictional identity online, and the problems that can result from such deceit. Talhotblond is an example of a worse case scenario of Internet deceit. A dangerous love triangle started online ends up in a murder and the destruction of several lives. Interviews from the people involved, psychiatric experts, and the law authorities who eventually became involved, paint a disturbing picture of manipulation and lies that is unfortunately all too true. If you're interested in the subject, check it out.

Oli H (es) wrote: Hmm not much of a story and seems to be badly edited, if Jay or Chiling wasn't in the film I doubt anyone would watch it.

Ashley T (au) wrote: This collection of shorts is hit and miss. The best is the cute dialogue-free one featuring Hugh Jackman (and directed by his wife) waiting in line for last minute tickets to a magic show. Other interesting ones include Kiera Knightley flirting with an older man at a New Year's eve party and Paul Bettany placing a bet with a stranger in a hotel bar. Sadly, the shorts involving Cate Blanchett, Billy Boyd, and James Gandolfini are forgettable.

Cutter G (nl) wrote: I'm not a big Scrabble fan but I LOVED this doc. It's really, really strong in that it features four totally different personality types each sharing a love for the same game. It's worth a rent regardless of whether or not you're a fan of the game. (Hopefully I spelled each word in this review correctly.)

Kevin M W (es) wrote: An experienced cast lifts this "quirky" family drama about redemption just above been there done that, but only just. Walken and Caine, of course, are the standouts.

Francis M (au) wrote: It is so bad, it is good.

MiRaNdA StArR (br) wrote: Cool Movie, Love Denis Leary!

Scott M (kr) wrote: I didn't find a moment of the movie to be believable. Cameron spent millions on the look and nothing on the story. Waste of time.

Martin B (fr) wrote: Having recently read the biography of Fred Lebow's life, it was fascinating to see the gist of the story full-flushed in technicolor and wonderful to set my eyes upon the actual cast of characters in his life. An amazing little man with a completely undaunted vision. When watching the footage of him running his last marathon two years before his passing at a terribly young age, yeah, I admit, I cried like a little baby.

Joseph A (jp) wrote: A simple and moving tribute to martial arts, Huo Yuanjia, and on some level, Jet Li's wuxia career.

Kevin G (de) wrote: a wonderful meditation on fashion, film-making and the cultures of cities.

Jason D (jp) wrote: In this forgotten gem from the 80's, highly regarded filmmaker Jonathan Stryker (John Vernon in a very well acted role) and his longtime collaborator, actress Samantha Sherwood (Samantha Eggar) conspire to have Samantha institutionalized in order for her to do proper research on the lead role for Stryker's heavily publicized "Audra" movie. As life inside the institute beings to wear on Samantha, Styker abruptly walks out on her, leaving her to rot there until she breaks free and readies her revenge on the director. Now cue the major part of the film that has Stryker inviting the top five candidates for the lead in his Audra role for a weekend retreat at his secluded home. Things quickly become deadly when the girls start dying at the hands of a masked killer. One would instantly think the killer is Samantha, who has now joined the group for the weekend retreat, however not everything is at it seems in this cleverly done intense slasher film. Definitely good performances from the cast, especially Vernon who I'll always remember as Dean Wormer from Animal House. The film relies heavily on story structure (thanks to original Prom Night writer Robert Guza Jr. and heavy build-up of dread and tension rather than amassing a large body count with over-the-top kills. This is definitely a smart man's slasher and those with a short attention span may want to avoid this film if in fact if ever does come to DVD, which I hope it will someday rather than these crappy DVD bootlegs that are circulating around. Good horror film. Look for a VERY young, nearly unrecognizable Michael Wincott (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Metro, Alien Resurrection, The Crow) in an all-too-brief role.

Rick L (br) wrote: I tried to watch it once.

Aaron F (ca) wrote: As a lengthy 3:45 film, Lawrence of Arabia provides the viewers a battle of attrition on and off screen.

Joshua C (gb) wrote: My favorite comedy of all-time! Weird Al and Richards are hilarious!!