Aviso aos Navegantes

Aviso aos Navegantes

In Buenos Aires, Frederico hides in a ship going to Rio de Janeiro to travel for free. But Azulão, the cook, finds him and blackmails him into working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alberto, the captain, receives a radio message saying that there was a dangerous international spy on board. Things get worse when some passports are mixed-up.

In Buenos Aires, Frederico hides in a ship going to Rio de Janeiro to travel for free. But Azulão, the cook, finds him and blackmails him into working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alberto, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasmine G (au) wrote: Really inspirational (a MUST SEE)

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Ryan S (br) wrote: I love Tosh.0 but I didn't get too many laughs from his stand up.

Marta R (au) wrote: Very good film, showed absolutely what teamwork can make happen... great role for Bernie Mac.

Tom K (us) wrote: Denis Leary gives a terrific performance in this strange psychological trip. A story that keeps you wondering what's real and what's imaginary. A great premise, but unfortunately, when the truth is revealed, the ending sadly falls apart. A big disappointment after such a promising buildup.

Oneeb (mx) wrote: one of my all time fav moviez !! a must see

Lyndon P (au) wrote: Thanks Etana for recommending this to me. It's great to have just watched it for the first time in light of all recent events. Seriously, talking about coming bail outs for failed savings and loans in 1992? I always liked Tim Robbins but I respect him much more after seeing that he also wrote and directed this and co-wrote the songs. Wow. Brilliant film.

Andr D (jp) wrote: El debut como directora de Jodie Foster es una delicada cinta que cuenta la historia de un nino superdotado que no logra encajar en el mundo de los adultos y tampoco en el mundo de los ninos de su edad. Foster interpreta a su madre, quien trabaja como camarera y no sabe que hacer para ver a su hijo feliz. Foster deja de lado cualquier formula del cine de Hollywood para contarnos una fabula llena de sentimiento y muy buenas actuaciones.

Tanner B (fr) wrote: Silverado (1985) ???Slam-bang, in-your-face action western, in fully charged "Hollywoodized" format. Small league posse tires to take the law into their own hands to "right" a small town's immoral code of ethics. A-list cast shines in a story well told, even if it asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief at certain moments. Photography, color, and scenery, are all great, and the action sequences are exceedingly well done. Proof that a popcorn movie doesn't have to be dumb . . . or overlong. Great fun.

Kimi M (mx) wrote: 1900 is a very spirited film with some amazing acting and is also likely the longest movie i have ever seen but i think some 1 or 2 hours could have been cut at least. And maybe some scenes of ultra graphic racsim and violence...But still very good italian epic.

Gianni V (nl) wrote: I was expecting something more vivid. Four high school 'best buddies' grow up, take different paths, two of them become bitter enemies. The exploration of their strange friendship could've been deeper -- I felt it remained sketchy. Also, some pieces of the background were missing. Why did Jung-ho go to college but Dong-su didn't? How did they keep in touch? What did Sang-taek exactly become? How could Joon-seok and Dong-su rise so quickly in the ranks of the mob? [SPOILER] Why did Joon-seok order the assassination of Dong-su? Too many questions -- and the cheesy end was not exactly the answer I was expecting!

theresa g (ca) wrote: its a good movie. i sw it when i was little.

Hernande955livecommx H (es) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Christopher S (us) wrote: Film noir melodrama is unfortunately a bit soft around the edges, considering the talent involved - co-written by Samuel Fuller and directed by melodrama maestro Douglas Sirk. The story gets off to a strong start, but quickly degenerates into mushy theatrics before a solid final act with some effective suspense scenes - but the film ends on a false note with a tacked-on ending. Allegedly, Sirk was disappointed with the film because Fuller's original screenplay was considerably watered down before production.

Briana H (nl) wrote: Can't go wrong with some Rose and Simon, sprinkled with some Anna!

Mad M (es) wrote: Classic. Vin Diesel's break through flick. Riddick was a great character, and Diesel nailed it.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: A stupid, but fun creature feature.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Excellent 90's Sci-Fi. Stuart Wilson takes the balls to a new level as the leader of The Outsiders. Liotta is one hard cunt and Henricksen as always adds some extra class.