Azad(Anil Kapoor), a mob enforcer who rescues the lovely Seema (Meenakshi Seshadri) from a brothel against the orders of both his boss and a rival gang leader. He vows to help her become a singer, and enlists Dhiren (Govindra) to help her, but things become complicated when both men fall for Seema--and the gangsters decide they want her back.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   gangster,   singer,  

Azad(Anil Kapoor), a mob enforcer who rescues the lovely Seema (Meenakshi Seshadri) from a brothel against the orders of both his boss and a rival gang leader. He vows to help her become a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gina W (it) wrote: This film moves slowly but is beautiful as it juxtaposes art from Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Art Museum with a story of connection, friendship and life.

barry t (br) wrote: way better than most tv movies thanks to hayden and marcia

Aaron B (gb) wrote: What went wrong here? Why didn't the directing talents of Gillespie, the charm of Scott, and the hilarity of Thornton add up to make a perfect comedy? The secret to this deadpan (but not in a good way) comedy is the piss-poor writing by two guys who have since gone on to do nothing. Hell, Thornton and Scott were actually worried about this film ending their careers WHILE it was being filmed! That's got to tell you at least one thing: do NOT see Mr. Woodcock.

Jack S (ru) wrote: So bad, it's good! And the girl getting shredded at the end is an all-time epic death scene.

Coley G (kr) wrote: The whole death equality thing is real akward. like who would want to die- to be down with this wack frat. other thant that-VERY BAD ACTING!

Syed M (de) wrote: One of hashmi's best films. stylish, provocative and entertaining.

Graydon B (us) wrote: An interesting film, always found it to be a bit too boring until the end, but visually and technically impressive. Its ok.

jm s (de) wrote: aamir first movie with supar dupar hit songs r good story is ok

Chris W (mx) wrote: Bridging the gap between the gangster era and film noir is this doozy of a crime epic.Cody Jarrett is a real piece of work, he's a determined criminal with a strong desire to be 'on top of the world'. He's neglectful of his sultry wife, feverishly devoted to his doting mother, and actually finds glee when it comes to dishing out acts of violence, even upon his own gang of thugs. He also suffers from crippling migraines, which really seem to have an effect of his already fractured psyche. After inadvertently leaving clues behind following a railroad heist, Jarrett becomes a target of the feds. In order to cover his tracks, he willingly goes to prison on a trumped up charge. While there, he befriends a mole placed by the G-Men to infiltrate his gang. Jarrett and the mole escape from jail, and once out, they regroup the gang in order to pull off another masterful caper, unaware of the plans of the feds.This is a really stunning film, and definitely high on the list of best ofs in the genre. Raoul Walsh provides some strong, briskly paced direction, there's great camera work, and a fair amount of character study, depth, and food for thought. The action set pieces, especially the finale are superb, and through it all we get some terrific performances, dominated by the always impressive Cagney. If you're a fan of gangster films, or just love a great crime yarn in general, then this is a must-see.

Bonnie B (es) wrote: Beautiful music. Just a really beautiful movie.

Rand D (jp) wrote: I found this movie to be exceptionally done and compelling in it's defense of creation. Kevin Sorbo captivated me in his portayal of an arrogant professor. And "Josh" was, for me, compelling in his defense of scripture and his counter arguments concerning evolution. With it's multiple sub-plots, it is an accurate reflection of our cultural state in the USA today.I have seen other Christian films that did not resonate with me or were not very well done.

IMia K (es) wrote: From great filing sound quality acting and mystery this story is full of twists and turns that will make your jaw drop at the end an amazing classic about a deranged killer one of the best films of all time

Jamie J (us) wrote: Well made with a creepy score and good performances. The over all story though for me was pretty predictable. Didn't really bring anything new. Check it out if your a fan of ghost stories.