A disillusioned and lonely young man working for a foreign trade company finds his enthusiasm for life revived when he meets a young woman who seems to reflect the ideals and ambitions he ...

A disillusioned and lonely young man working for a foreign trade company finds his enthusiasm for life revived when he meets a young woman who seems to reflect the ideals and ambitions he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Awakening torrent reviews

Willma A (ru) wrote: awalnya lucu bgt ngeliat usaha MeiLi buat dapetin Loong.. tp akhirnya biasa aja.

Hilary C (au) wrote: I love this movie! I have watched it at least 10 times now and everytime I laugh and I cry... beautiful acting, great writing, poignant story ... it makes you think, I like that! I recommend you see it.

Waleed A (ag) wrote: very funny and creative. had some misses and boring parts but still a great movie overall. lots of small roles from people who later became famous (4 viewings)

Cristbal F (ru) wrote: Un drama policial convencional, pero no por eso menos apasionante y magntico. Llama la atencin el poder de la mafia rusa aqu representada, una mafia que no tiene problemas en hacerle la guerra a la mismsima polica de Nueva York. James Gray, el director (sin dudas, un gran autor), filma con mucha elegancia e inters en su propio relato, consigue ir dndole espesor a los personajes y a la trama, de modo que nos vamos involucrando cada vez ms en esta tragedia de tintes shakesperianos. El reparto es sublime: Joaquin Phoenix est excelente, como siempre, Mark Walhberg muy solvente, Robert Duvall no decepciona y Eva Mendes en su peak de belleza.

Joonas V (it) wrote: Suurin ongelma tss melkein viihdyttvss tuotoksessa on se, ett aivoja ei voi jtt narikkaan. Jos nin tekee ei heikosta kerronnasta saa sitkn vh irti, mit tarkkaavaisella seuraamisella voisi saada. 1 thti hyvst alkuryminst ja bonuksena 0,5 thte taidokkaasta Stevenin kaksoisleuan peittelyst.

Ville I (nl) wrote: Actually watched "Jesus, du weisst" but this crappy application thinks that it does not exist. Brilliant 'documentary'.

Janice (nl) wrote: No Paul Walker? :( I always knew he was too cool for The Skulls :D

Kapetan S (de) wrote: najzakon film na svijetu!

Laura W (ca) wrote: There's just something about this movie. It's sorta sad, but I really like it! Meryl Streep is awesome!

Rory Fyfe S (it) wrote: Very informative about the famous Studio 54. I watched it like an education on the famous nightclub.

John W (ag) wrote: Decent, creepily sexy, thriller with a unique premise. Jennifer Jason Leigh definitely carries the film with her very off-balance character and almost taboo sexuality (you know something is way wrong there, but still...). JJL becomes Bridget Fonda's roommate (and BF becomes JJL's chosen) after BF kicks her cheating boyfriend to the curb. Amidst a possible reconciliation, JJL intrusion into her life begins and while BF quickly begins to suspect all is not kosher, she gives JJL the benefit of the doubt until the take over of her life is too great to ignore. But will it be too late to escape as JJL snaps in a big way and leaves a wide trail of destruction?

Ola G (gb) wrote: William Walker (Ed Harris) was an American filibuster or pirate who attempted to conquer several Latin American countries in the mid-19th century with a bunch of mercenary corps. The operations were financed by the American multimillionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt (Peter Boyle) who had his own interest in specifically Nicaragua. Walker appointed himself president of the Republic of Nicaragua in 1856 and ruled from that year to 1857. He was executed by the government of Honduras in 1860. I like other Alex Cox movies such as "Repo Man" and "Sid & Nancy", but I believe that "Walker" is a much more unclear and less satisfying moment in Cox career. "Walker" has a great storyline with an actual historic and crazy character, but Cox mixes in the then current situation in Nicaragua and it becomes a somewhat strange political satire with a lot of scenes that are incoherent. I do think the idea of shooting the film like that is interesting, but in the end it is not coming together in my mind.

Tasos L (ru) wrote: It's a great pleasure watching her doing... A cult classic.

Tristan D (de) wrote: Good stuff. Not their best film but it's one of my personal favourites. There's a great load of routines and musical numbers to keep anyone entertained and the south seas setting is most welcome. Lionel Atwill makes for a memorable villain.

David M (au) wrote: A relationship drama that's as uproariously fun as it is heartbreakingly honest, mostly due to a powerhouse performance by both Meryl & Julia. Depressing but yet still endearing. The themes in this movie run pretty deep & I'm sure we can all relate to this broken record on some level because let's face it - a perfect family simply does not exist. It says a lot when a family-fued film is more captivating & memorable than most mainstream blockbusters these days.

James W (kr) wrote: One of the funniest I've ever seen. I saw this movie years ago and I just re-watched it. I couldn't resist with what I call the Election from Hell that is happening this coming Tuesday. This is a wicked satire about a high school election. A young Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick an overachiever to end all overachievers (possibly Hilary Clinton started off like this to some degree) who hopes to become student body president of her high school. But not if history teacher Jim McCallister can help it. He has a grudge against Tracy (and he also lusts after her) because she had an affair with another teacher who he was good friends, with, who lost his job because of it and wrecked his marriage because of it. McCallister's own marriage is having difficulties as well. He cons the nice but dumb injured jock to run against her. Then the jock's younger lesbian sister runs for it too causing all kinds of chaos. I recommend for those who like edgy comedies.

Matthew M (fr) wrote: David Fincher at his finest, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is both a great adaptation of a fantastic book but also a disturbing look into the human psych, lead by a bravura performance by Rooney Mara, a great visual look and feel, and a hypnotic score by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. Simply amazing.