Awaking from a Dream

Awaking from a Dream

A grandson finds in his grandfather the person who drives him into a world of fantasy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A grandson finds in his grandfather the person who drives him into a world of fantasy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Awaking from a Dream torrent reviews

Santhosh R (mx) wrote: Semma friendship story n abt indian education methods

KnightFall H (fr) wrote: Una historia con todos los ingredientes clasicos del Chambara, lleno de espadas, lealtades rotas, mucha accin y un desenlace muy bien logrado que atrapa especialmente en su segunda mitad y tiene como climax esa sensacional pelea final, en la que se entremezclan el odio y el amor que sienten sus personajes.

courtney s (fr) wrote: i dun like this one i think it will be boring

Russell H (jp) wrote: stylish and violent. Pretty good

Claire T (fr) wrote: I thought this movie was crap and I will not watch this movie ever again, I hated this movie, I thought it was crap and I will not watch this film ever again, I don't want this film on DVD, I hated this film

Josas G (it) wrote: Totalmente olvidable

John T (ca) wrote: I think this is my first french horror flick. I really enjoyed it. I saw the main guy in a short "Falcone" which was pretty damn good and decided to check this out. I liked it.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Now this is a Jackie Chan movie. His humor is still really lame but this is definitely a hilarious modern kung-fu flick. Jackie Chan is a fantastic performer and does a fantastic job kicking ass.

Steve G (mx) wrote: A grueling slog, even with narration.My favorite irony, however. In that, while it's intended to be a Marxist clarion call for the working class against the oppressive bourgeoisie, it's actually the biggest ad for free markets I've ever seen. LOL. Capitalism, at its finest. If one can get a higher rate selling dish themselves than to a wholesaler, one becomes a business entrepreneur & increases capital. Nothing Marxist, except the constant whining.While I agree with their mission, I despise the whiny, victimhood tone of everything.Not gonna lie...I delighted to see the loud & righteous revolutionary being brought down, jobless, & needing to be hired by the people he revolted against. I may suggest this was not the intent of the filmmaker, but it was as powerful as any intention. Great schadenfreude.However, he exhibits the typical Marxist hypocrisy. Talks about hating greed of those who are making more money than him... wants to make more money for himself.The one saving grace of this film was how, whether intentionally or not, it proved the older generation right, & the know it all younger generation, wrong. That was the most appealing part of this movie, to me. But the amazing thing was that, even after all this, he still hasn't learned his lesson. He still thinks he was right, and continues on with a martyr complex, about how what he did was for everyone, as though he was doing anyone any favours. It's really a bunch of self-righteous ridiculousness. He starts preaching to a kid about the tired old tropes of advancing only through a common good. In one sense, that's right, in terms of a voluntary community & allowing for the success of others. But what is meant by that here, of course, is a forced common good by self-righteous do-gooders, who when they try to inflict their good on society, end up ravaging it, as we saw here. In that sense, it's one of the more absurd movies I've ever seen. It undercuts the ONE thing that makes it tolerable.It's supposed to be communistic, but I must say, I agreed with most of the character's disputes. It's hardly Marxist to not want to get screwed over by your buyers & to want to make more money with the fish you catch, with a raise or venturing on your own. That's pure capitalism.I just really hate young people who see themselves as revolutionary figures & think that anything they've come up with is new, & therefore anything old is useless (such as arithmetic). This self-congratulatory, & phony mind-frame both bores & annoys me. The people who opposed the protagonist were portrayed as incredibly one-dimensional. And I generally despise people who have a total lack of humility about themselves.Again, It was most interesting to see the fiery young character, at some point, become like the wise old men whom he refused to listen to.The blatant emotional appeals when the bankers came to foreclose the home of the children playing on the floor were overdone. When you borrow lots of money from someone, try not to expect it for free, or without payback. The family falls apart... all on account of the effects of his do-good leftism.

Andres G (br) wrote: Ending is too weak, although interesting because of the openness.I'm not a fan of Richard Gere but I think his performance is quite remarkable.

Christelle T (es) wrote: Society's expectations on marriage culminate into the slow destruction of romantic love. Mike Nichols' adaptation of ''Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf'' portrays through its strong dialogue, outstanding performances and gorgeous cinematography, the horrors of a crumbling marriage in a very entertaining fashion.

Cha N (fr) wrote: I didn't have enough time to finish the movie and I don't regret it.