Awdat al ibn al dal

Awdat al ibn al dal


In this Andre Gide adaptation, an activist is released after many years in prison and returns home, shaking up established relationships among his family members at the farm governed by his strict father. Demonstrating Chahine’s eclecticism, this is an elegant melodrama, exuberant musical, layered allegory, and profound portrait of personal and political disillusionment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina C (gb) wrote: can't believe i didn't pick up the twist sooner than i did

Emod L (fr) wrote: 92%The Artist is an elegant and well-made feature hearkening back to the silent films of the 1920s.

Chelsea Jay P (br) wrote: This film was brilliant, as an avid film watcher I thought the film was a great mix of twists and I was on the edge of my seat, it was a little difficult to understand the relationship between Elissa and Sara at first but it all panned out in the end. Very talented actors and is a very underated movie and I did not see the twist coming!

Anjalee O (gb) wrote: tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda.

Arnaud N (de) wrote: The synopsis sux, but this thing is finaly funny and entertaining.

Akash V (ag) wrote: This was a very under appreciated film. I think it's the gold standard of an edge-of-the-seat drama thriller. The tension that builds up is tremendous. It's a no rubbish film. The performances are stellar. Cate Blanchett is very engaging, Judi Dench is bloody magnificent.

James H (us) wrote: Pretty good little thriller. Reasonably suspenseful, never boring. It lacks a likable central character which does hurt the film. Well acted though.

Scott W (mx) wrote: One of the more underrated war movies out there even though it's not all that original.

Yevgeny S (au) wrote: A very moving portrayal of loss and its aftereffects on the bereaved.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: as the series goes on the jokes become tired and lame. Time to put it to sleep please nurse

Collette R (ru) wrote: I just bought this one, and haven't seen it in years. Still love it after all these years.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: A pretty good thriller. It burns pretty slow though, so be ready for that. What makes it even better, is that the scandal the plot refers to, and the crash it also refers to, were both real historical events. The rest of the plot is a fantasy, but it's a very clever, detailed, and fairly complex rendering of events that will keep your mind turning.

Tim M (kr) wrote: There are a lot of reasons to like 'Caddyshack'. It's a good time. It has a lot of laughs. The writing raises the tide so the acting appears better. We have two of the best comedic actors of the time in Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. The underrated Ted Knight and the over the top Rodney Dangerfield complement the ensemble. Like most Harold Ramis films it doesn't take itself very seriously. It's not uptight and you shouldn't be when you watch it. Final Score 9.1/10

Akramul i (es) wrote: Rather than giving a mystery surrounding a murder, Roshomon serves as a commentator about society's desires, dreams and destruction. A definite answer isn't given, but the trick is that we are given a chose of what the motivations and causes are and by the end we understand others better than we thought before

Ben V (br) wrote: Very good representation of what happens in South Central Los Angeles

Thiago C (kr) wrote: Amazing! One of the best adaptations ever!