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Matt C (gb) wrote: This is a fun and engaging adaptation of a very popular book in our house. It's a story about Christmas, loving your family and sticks, what more do you need?

ola a (kr) wrote: postman pat land the movie

Jay K (ag) wrote: really enjoyed it !!

Helena M (de) wrote: A very good movie about people dumping older relatives.

Ankur C (it) wrote: JANE MARCH looks so so so TEEN-AGE INNOCENT & TRULY JUSTIFY with the role,,, steamy hot scenes with OLDER IN AGE GUY makes look unfit, but good one.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Film about a British high society woman who following the death of her husband, opens a theatre where women pose artfully in the nude during the Second World War. Frears once again branches out with a film that doesn't resemble any other one in his filmography, but while the subject sounds interesting, the screenplay is a little weak and forgettable. The art direction and swinging soundtrack still make it a delightful watch.

Ayrton Anthony C (ru) wrote: Puntaje Original: 8.5Realmente impresionante, Alfonso Cuarn lleva esta saga a otro nivel con esta magnfica produccin.

Nick S (de) wrote: Not a very good movie at all, but good enough for Thomas fans.

Deven W (fr) wrote: I love the surrealism

Jim H (jp) wrote: A defense attorney with a ludicrous pony tail defends a man accused of murder.I'm surprised by the critics' positive reviews of this thoroughly unexceptional film. Most of the reviews focus on Woods's performance, but whereas his other characters' extravagant posturing seemed to fit the situation and persona, here, he simply seems unreasonable and unstable. He irrationally yells at his cohorts, spouting treatises about justice for society's less fortunate, and everything he says is right and justified, but the manner with which he says it reminds me of those pundits on television "news" who do nothing but scream at each other. His character is supposed to be a remnant from the 60s, as indicated by the pony tail wig and the pot, but there's no real exploration of his past and how that past shaped his present. And amid all the histrionics is Robert Downey Jr. who has never been more unnoticable.As a film, this is a wholly predictable procedural with fewer surprises than the worst episode of Law and Order. The clues are all obviously placed, and the final courtroom scene is so theatrical that it defies all believability.Overall, after I read positive reviews of a film I didn't like, I normally reconsider my star rating, but True Believer was too poorly constructed and too pedestrian as a whole.

Stella D (au) wrote: there are many films in this genre going back at least as far as chaplin's 'the kid.' i'll still say without hesitation that this is my favorite. great chemistry between the two lead characters, fascinating references, the director's choice of b&w and wonderful filming locations are all just part of it. there are some truly lovely scenes here and wenders manages never to stray too far into sentimentality, a common pitfall of films on this theme, including chaplin's. here's a handful of odd and magical moments: tho phillip seems bored with america, on his return to germany we see him at a chuck berry concert drinking coca-cola. great use is made of the wuppertal schwebebahn, an early floating monorail. a small boy on a bike races their car through one of the towns in the ruhr district. the touching final scene, shot first from inside, then outside a train. note: the film has been difficult to find in the u.s., which is a pity. it's currently streaming at hulu plus. see it while u can.

Matt W (au) wrote: Dusting Hoffman is one of the greatest actors to live.

Alan W (fr) wrote: This is a great classicThe story of Lon Chaney Plot: A chronicle of the life of Lon Chaney, born the son of deaf-mute parents, who rose to become Hollywood's master of horror and disguise in the silent screen with his extraordinary gifts as a makeup art...( read more read more... )ist.

Jaylan S (it) wrote: Best movie for Believers!!!

Tom B (au) wrote: One of David Lynch's mainstream crime dramas that I never had an interest in seeing back when I was younger. I'm a fan of many of his other movies, but this one didn't do anything for me. The beginning of the film gives the false impression of it being a stylish masterpiece, but then the story takes a nosedive into short interesting scenarios that tend to go nowhere. For the most part, everything becomes too silly with singing and unnecessary parody performances. To make matters even worse, it all leads up to something very anticlimactic. Nicholas Cage once again at the height of his career, recognized for portraying an impractical character.