Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan

Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan

Young adults at a first-time offenders' boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined.

Young adults at a first-time offenders'; boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer H (es) wrote: A beautiful documentary remembering the good old days of the highly inspirational Roger Ebert. This film blew me away and it brought me to tears.

WJ F (de) wrote: I can totally relate to this guy!

Aaron O (kr) wrote: Breathe In is a very well shot romance film that is brimming with tension and atmosphere thanks to its soundtrack and the incredible chemistry between its two leads, they bring a lot of emotion and sincerity to their scenes together even when they're quite low on dialogue. Sadly, the film is held back from greatness by how familiar it feels and the use of conveniences to progress the plot.

Toni S (ca) wrote: Whoever said Mamma Mia without the song definitely hit the nail on the head.

Cameron M (ag) wrote: Despite the natural holes in the sci-fi logic, the brilliant set up never downplays the character moments and story. Matching this with great direction and Jake Gyllenhaal's appealing performance makes Source Code a very enjoyable action thriller.

Justin J (it) wrote: C+One of the better Disney Channel movies to come out. Fun, energetic, and well acted. Better to watch with the family.

Harry W (fr) wrote: As with any film directed by Pedro Almodovar, Bad Education was a film worth seeing for the sake of the director's filmographyThe intro to Bad Education is very much like a Spanish pulp version of the intro to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece Psycho. What this immediately establishes is director Pedro Almodovar's keen eye for imagery which proves consistent throughout the film as anyone familiar with his works would expect. Iconic of Pedro Almodovar works, Bad Education has a fascinating sense of colour to it. Though everything is brightly lit and the characters all dress in colourful clothing, the film seems to be filtered by a slight touch of sepia which manages to illuminate everything about the props ,costumes and particularly the scenery which is lovely to behold particularly when the film makes use of . This manages to keep viewers draw into the story through consistent fascination with the visual style which is intriguing to see within the context of a film which is simply a drama at heart. Everything looks good in Bad Education, and things sound good as well thanks to the composition of Alberto Iglesias' musical score.The musical score of the film is beautiful. It maintains an edge which delivers a sense of classical mysteriousness to the film, keeping the amosphere consistently intense from when it is first established within the intro. The music remains subtle as it is not excess in volume, but the slight rises in volume prove to be effective when the naturalistic manner of the drama means that there is little music in many of the prolonged periods of dialogue happening. Frankly, the story in Bad Education is not always the most interesting because it is more important for its characters than anything else and moves along at a rather slow pace without a perfect chronological structure, but no matter what happens there is always a sense of atmosphere brought on by the musical score and an appealing sense of colour captured by the beautiful cinematography.Although many of the themes in Bad Education stem from edgy subject matter, the way that Pedro Almodovar approaches the material lets it naturally blend into the narrative. As a result, the extensive use of transgender characters like Zahara hardly define their existence. There is so much to the characters in the story, but the way the film treats the character Zahara more as a human being than a transgender figure is extremely admirable and something that more of cinema needs to promote as a means of progress. Pedro Almodovar once again proves that he is a great filmmaker due to the way he has such extensive respect for his characters above all else, and the screenplay that he contributes to the story as a means of supporting this notion is packed to the brim with dialogue that flows naturally from the mouths of the deeply written and intriguing characters. They are thrown into many situations throughout the story, and the slow pace may tend to dull things a little bit at some times. But ultimately, Bad Education is an intelligent film with a strong assortment of complicated characters whose on personalities and relationships with the people around them largely compensate for the fact that there is not all that much that actually happens in terms of narrative. Bad Education is not a film for everyone as it is a foreign language film in English speaking countries with a director who has a distinctive style, resulting in a slow story which is somewhat short on dynamics by a certain rationale. But those who can appreciate its artistic merits and unconventional nature will truly benefit from the experience that is viewing the film. I'll admit that it is far from perfect because by the end of the film I did not feel as if all that much had happened, and with the surplus of character plot points being the key source of story in the film there proved to be a lot of keeping up to do. But I value the experience of viewing Bad Education as another glimpse into the mind of Pedro Almodovar.And since the man treates his characters with such respect, the performances of the cast are powerful.Gael Garcia Bernal is truly wonderful in the lead role. Having just delivered a notable performance in the 2014 film Rosewater, it is great to go ten years back and see the actor working in his native Spanish cinema. What is impressive is the fact that he takes on the role of Zahara so naturally with natural flamboyance and dramatic flair with dedication so extensive that he bever steps out of the role or has to turn melodramatic. Gael Garcia Bernal is able to capture Zahara incredily well, but he also captures the alternative identities of Juan and Angel incredibly well. Gale Garcia Bernal's leading performance captures the complex psychology of multiple identities with instinctive dramatic talent both physically and internally, ensuring that the depth of the characters are all reached with sure brilliance.Daniel Giminez Cacho is also brilliant. He feels to me like a Spanish combination between Jack Nicholson and Kelsey Grammar based on both the way he looks and his genuine approach to the darma. He is subtle in his line delivery, and yet his physical state is very intense isince his facial expressions suggest there to be something beneath the surface which keeps viewers engaged in an intention to find out what that may be. Daniel Giminez Cacho shares an intense chemistry with the other actors and has no problem bringing a strong sense of supporting drama to the narrative.Fele Martinez also brings a sense of charm to his part.So Bad Education is a slow film which doesn't have the most developed narrative, but with dedication to characters from both the cast and director Pedro Almodovar and an interesting visual style, it proves to be a fascinating experience.

Dar J (es) wrote: Tom green is a comedy genius. Rotten tomatoes doesn't know $h!t about movies. Theyre way to predictable about their ratings, theyre to biased when it comes to actors/ actress's they like or don't like. For example they always rate movies with Pauly Shore low because they can't stand him, even though his movies are absolutely hikarious .

Ken S (fr) wrote: Have the Coen Brothers ever made a bad film? The answer, quite honestly, is no. They have made some films that aren't quite up to par with their other work, but even their lesser films are pretty entertaining. This film is one of their lesser efforts, but it is still pretty funny and has a great performance from George Clooney. When I want to watch a Coen Brothers film, will I turn to this one? Not nearly as likely as I am to turn to "Fargo", "The Big Lebowski", or "Raising Arizona"...but if you're looking for a laugh this one isn't a bad one to turn to.

michelle w (ru) wrote: a must see classic movie everybody has to watch

Nicolas B (ru) wrote: Great performances and a truly amazing soundtrack. The message of the movie is pretty clear from the beginning on and it doesn't leave space for big surprises. That guitar theme though, reminds a bit of Hendrix "Little Wing", great.

Logan M (ca) wrote: While it could use more action, the "Mad Max" that started them all has enough weight to the narrative to save it from aging as badly as it could have.

Tommaso B (us) wrote: This Movie is Fantastic!!

Harry W (mx) wrote: Definitely one of Hitchock's most stylish films, To Catch a Thief puts Kelly and Grant in centre-stage with spotlights focusing on them and the gorgeous scenery that envelopes the sizzling chemistry between the protagonists. The film tells the story of a retired yet still currently notorious cat burglar played by Carey Grant who attempts to juggle the pursuit of him by a young and gorgeous socialite - suspected next victim of a new burglar terrorising the rich and the wealthy. It is a romantic thriller before anything and often serves up a European style of noir cinema rarely referenced by Hitchcock. He seems to have been more relaxed in the production of Thief and thats quite enjoyable to witness, as the film is far less serious and self-involved than his works such as Psycho or Topaz.

Cole W (kr) wrote: Criticized for the last hour and fifteen minutes for being tension-free compared to the first fifteen minutes, I feel the tension balances out with the rest of the movie and is one of my favorite horror movies of all-time with the most terrifying vehicle ever put on screen.