A strict father loosens up enough to let his children take a day off school for a trip to the countryside. But things turn darker when the family realize he is planning to make it their last outing ever.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   suicide,  

A strict father loosens up enough to let his children take a day off school for a trip to the countryside. But things turn darker when the family realize he is planning to make it their last outing ever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mick C (it) wrote: A very well balance story line with a cast uniquely suited to each role perfectly.

Nived N (nl) wrote: ''Bachna Ae Haseeno'' take off very well as an engaging romantic story borrowing the concept of episodic narration from Tamil film ''AUTOGRAPH''...The dialogues are real.......yet the film is typical YRF product with complete reference from banner's film & inspiring scenes from DDLJ. Very simple story, RANBIR KAPOOR plays a charming flamboyant who first breaks the heart of sardarni during holiday in Switerzland and then ditches his model girlfriend after some years...lately he find his own heart broken when he falls in love with a girl who rejects his proposal......after realising his cladness...He feels he won't find true happiness till he doesn't pay he sets off to meet his exes for apology..... As I said before ...First half seems very engaging with two stories having Minissha & Bipasha whereas the one with Deepika is surely the weakest link. However it's post interval where screenplay loses it's grip because it becomes painfully predictable...u know Ranbir will succeed in winning his exes heart...the emotional scenes lacks natural ease because the writing looks can Aditya chopra (Writer) expect us to feel sorry for Ranbir when his exes neglects him after his sudden visit for apology. The second half is tad klutzy where as the climax seems to believe that the makers are running out of time. Despite such flaws...BAH is still an good watch thanks to commendable music, evocative cinematography & lastly inspiring performance...RANBIR KAPOOR steals the show with his amazing acting skills...he has an indescribable star quality and can mold himself into any character. MINISSHA LAMBA & BIPASHA BASU are in their best..they immerse into their character and maintains the energy whereas DEEPIKA PADUKONE is for that makers are rightly blamed for saddling her in such inconsistent role......Chemistry is strictly oky.....and for those who are expecting some sparks from RANBIR-DEEPIKA then forget it......KUNAL KAPOOR is earnest !!! Overall, BACHNA AE HASEENO could have been a exciting ride..but second half spoils the entire in the end an Average watch!!!

Meg S (au) wrote: 'Edmund Bertram: Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough.''Henry Crawford: And what is your opinion, Miss Price? Fanny Price: I am sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Crawford, but I'm afraid I do not have a ready opinion. Henry Crawford: I suspect you are almost entirely composed of ready opinions not yet shared.'

Tyler S (ru) wrote: This movie was fantastic. takes a look at politics and the lies that goes on beneath the scene...basically in politics anything I mean anything will be done to win and that's the message I got here. absolutely fantastic trio of performances by Deniro, Anne Heche, and most of all Hoffman who plays a Hollywood producer who creates a fake war for the president's team to distract a sex scandal that broke 11 days before the election. The pace is fast and there isn't a chance to become disinterested because they are always scheming. It's just funny to see the lengths that are went to win an election. A great blend of funny and seriousness. It's just a phenomenal film.

Donovan D (jp) wrote: In Anh Hung Tran's follow-up to his breakthrough success with Scent of the Green Papaya, the director gets down into the gritty streets of contemporary Vietman, bringing to the screen a harrowing work of anthropological narrative cinema. In terms of form, the director adopts a largely French New Wave-influenced approach: shakey yet gorgeous verite photography lend to the precarious moral atmosphere, and there are a few stylistic nods to Jean-Luc Godard here and there (most prominently a reference to the ending of Pierrot Le Fou). But in terms of content, the film is totally Vietnamese, even if its concepts are universally third world. The film focuses on three main characters: a poor cyclo driver, his sister and a pimp/poet played by the reliably doleful Tony Leung, and shows the effects of the criminal life that goes hand in hand with desperation and exploitation. We witness murders, sexual perversion and crime against the backdrop of the city's hustle and bustle - and while its shocking, its all the more shocking when you begin to realize that this is a matter of life for people in dire poverty. Few narrative films paint a more vivid, unflinching and anthropological view of the criminal underbelly that simmers beneath the surface of poverty; neither glorified or overly aestheticized. This is major cinema, not to be missed.

logan w (au) wrote: ohhhh man one of my favorites this movie absolutely is so dang good

Ronald M (fr) wrote: a tale of early argentine history, i believe at the time of mazorca, and that of forbidden love. siempre a tu lado, camila!!!! ;-)

Kurt M (nl) wrote: A camp classic produced by Roger Corman and starring Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon in which a mad scientist uses killer androids designed to look like bikini babes in his twisted plot to take over the world.I'm not making this up, folks!

Hana D (ru) wrote: If you're blue and you don't know where to go toWhy don't you go where Harlem sitsPuttin' on the ritz

David M (mx) wrote: In Japanese Feudal society, the Samurai were the elite warrior caste of their day. According to their code of honour, they were meant to commit ritual suicide (Seppuku) upon the loss of thier master: the greatest dishonour that could befall them was to be unable (or unwilling) to carry this out and hence become Ronin.Not all Ronin are ill-thought of by history/legend, however: this film is a highly-fictionalized (complete with Witches, Magic and Monsters) retelling of a 18th century historical event/legend in Japan in which a group of Ronin - for some reason, including Keanu Reeves - carry out their revenge upon the man responsible for their lord's death over a year later: a story, indeed, that is even now celebrated every Dec 14th by the Sengakuji Temple.

Jacob M (mx) wrote: After enjoying The Palm Beach Story, I was interested in seeing Preston Sturges' other films. Sullivan's Travels, which is probably his most famous film, leaves a lot of impact, the biggest being The Coen Brothers making O Brother Where Art Thou because of this movie.Tired of making comedies such as "Ants in Your Pants of 1939" during Great Depression-America, Hollywood director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea, who also teamed up with Sturges in The Palm Beach Story), intends to make a film about human suffrage, called "O Brother Where Art Thou" (recognize the title?). Since Sullivan hasn't been poor in all his life, he leaves the rich life of Hollywood and lives out as a hobo to understand what being poor is all about. When he meets a fallen actress (Veronica Lake), Sullivan gets more than he bargained for.Sullivan's Travels is full of comedy. Sullivan gets knocked down into his pool, gets involved in a crazy car chase with a bus full of news reporters, who are on to his story, and gets allergic to hay while hitching a ride on a train. But, Sullivan's Travels is more than just a comedy. There's also heavy dramatic material in the film. There's a lengthy sequence involving Sullivan and Veronica's experience with other hobos and a tragic scene where Sullivan is put to work in a chain gang after a case of mistaken identity. While drama can sometimes ruin a piece of comedy film, such as Groundhog Day, in Sullivan's Travels, the drama really works. Sullivan wanted to make a film about human suffrage, and we needed to see the trials he had to face in order to have the experience of human suffrage.As far as casting goes, Joel McCrea is fantastic as Sullivan, and was more moving here than he was in The Palm Beach Story. Veronica Lake, meanwhile, is not only attractive, but also manages to have excellent chemistry with McCrea. Robert Greig and Eric Blore play Sullivan's butler and valet, and they did nothing but annoy the pants off of me. All they did was say stupid stuff and attempt to steal the spotlight. Eric Blore as the valet was worse, cause he already annoyed me as the butler in Top Hat, but I have to admit, he was a whole lot worse in Top Hat.Sullivan's Travels is an excellent dramady from Preston Sturges, filled with spectacular performances from Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake, loads of great comedy and drama, and has lots of heart. With my experience with this film, I enjoy O Brother Where Art Thou even more.

Jesse F (it) wrote: While the film is funny and at times clever, it's more heart-warming than anything.

Lisa S (au) wrote: The worst of the Sleepaway Camp movies, this one shows you why they should never make more than three movies in a horror series. This film is a really routine 80s slasher, Angela just plain kills everyone. The dialogue is horrendous, the kills are lame, and the characters are stereotypes. The first two movies were creative, fun, and scary, but this last movie doesn't fill any of those roles.

William C (jp) wrote: based on some tematics of Henry James'work...magic atmosphere