Aya: Awakenings

Aya: Awakenings

Aya: Awakenings' is an experiential journey by journalist Rak Razam into the world and visions of ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic plant medicine from the Amazon, capturing the experience and the western dynamic around it in unprecedented detail.

An experiential journalist ventures into the Amazon Jungle to discover the mysteries of a powerful visionary plant medicine and the shamans who work with it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhinav B (de) wrote: brilliant narration.. very fast movie.. complicated at times.. lots of twists.. excellent performances.. perfect entertainer.. ! thnk god.. indian cinema has some hope...!

Matt H (de) wrote: Great journey into the world of Lego with top performances from Will Arnett (Batman) and Chris Pratt (Emmet). The film offers plenty of laughs along the way, bound to put a smile on your face... First Try!

Anthony S (es) wrote: Thought it was overall a good movie. I have never heckled a movie, or comedy show. Once I heckled a terrible guitarist/singer at a bar because he was off tune and no one paid to see him (no cover charge). I have also heckled tons of sport teams.Now, with the movie. It was decent. But all the hecklers for Jamie Kennedy with that footage. What he was saying was just bad. And his movies are terrible. Would I ever say he should be knocked off or saying something offensive about him. Most likely not. The movie did make me wonder how did he become famous?

Nicolas B (jp) wrote: It needs some time to really get going, but it's just another proof that the Coen brothers are the kings of satire.

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Juli N (it) wrote: Skip it! See Slap Shot instead!

Alex K (au) wrote: One Bela Lugosi Film, 1931's Dracula Is One Of My Favorite Films.

Jacob F (br) wrote: I love this film so much. Solid direction and writing. Great performances all around.

David L (us) wrote: Ermmmm ....... WTF? I was expecting something a little more serious than this, but instead I've got some comical Leprechaun that terrorises some small town folk with the use of some extremely poor CGI. Set around the old Irish legend, this green monster will stop at nothing to reclaim his bag of gold at the end of the rainbow, and can only be destroyed using a four leaf clover. Even that part is debatable given I've just seen there are numerous sequels in this franchise so either he has a lot of long lost brothers, or the old clover legend doesn't have it's rumoured effect. Introducing Jennifer Anniston in her first film role, she provides the only household name, other than Warwick Davis, who is barely recognisable as the primary villain. Hardly a film for her to be remembered by, but saying that, who would have predicted Johnny Depp's rise to fame after featuring in A Nightmare on Elm Street? It's not scary, it's not gory or horror like at all really. There's a lot of red blood produced but it's not very believable and it soon loses credibility after the first few scenes. I think I was expecting an Irish version of Chucky which would make it more terrorising but sadly I was disappointed. Normally originals are the best in a series of films, which is quite worrying if that pattern continues here. Knowing me, I'd probably watch all the other films over time, but it's definitely got to be background viewing whilst enduring a load of ironing.

Avril M (au) wrote: An accurate if somewhat disturbing movie on domestic violence - but at least with a happy ending!

Karsh D (ru) wrote: Quatermass meets the blob. Some shocking images, given its age, but let down badly by the ending.

Sean M (gb) wrote: Well done but... I didn't know whose side to be on. The African's who were in their own country or the English who were far from theirs.

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Barry J (br) wrote: Some great Willis one liners!