Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu

Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu

Sagar Kottapuram is a pulp fiction writer who comes to visit his friend Ramakrishnan but find themselves dragged into a lawsuit by a vengeful Tahsildar S.Priyadarshini.

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Roger W (ca) wrote: Totally stupid movie parody. Only reason i gave 2 & half stars is cause the awesome dancing.

Martyn S (us) wrote: Edward Yang's second last work. A movie that Singaporeans are too polite to make ourselves - of foreigners and locals scamming each other at the height of Taiwan's economic boom.

Corey W (mx) wrote: Do NOT watch this movie unless it is the MST3K version. You have been warned.

Sowmya A (es) wrote: I really loved the individual stories! I wish they could have gone on and on! In the end they messed up by bringing everyone together..but hell I enjoyed the movie!

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Orlok W (nl) wrote: Welcome to Our World of Darkness--Muddled Script, but what a Cast!!

Orlok W (br) wrote: Some lovely concepts at the mercy of a silly story--A Charmer!!

Alex W (gb) wrote: doesn't deserve all the bad reviews. extra credit from me for all the clever transitions. The conclusion of the movie ends up being very believable, as opposed to other mind fuck type thrillers whose conclusion is overdone or ridiculous. a young gosling showing he can hang with the big boys.