The movie tries to caution common man from becoming a prey to the designs of conmen and fake godman, says Rajendra Prasad. “The bitter social message is delivered with humour acting as a sugar coating and my role portrays how by a quirk of fate, a person turns into a godman and then a pawn in the hands of villains,” he says.

Venkatesam (Shivaji) is a mechanic who runs his own garage. He is a carefree and fun loving guy who loves to enjoy life. He comes across Anjali (Anisha Singh) and it is love at first sight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ayyare torrent reviews

Rebecca W (gb) wrote: This movie was awful. The front cover had nothing to do with the movie. You never saw a city in fire or helicopters. He never held a gun while holding a child looking over a burning city. They just sat in a cabin the whole time. Very dissapointed. Waste of time.

JeanPhilippe G (es) wrote: Brutal, violent and captivating, Apocalypto is a great movie about the mayan culture that is well directed and edited.

Jon H (gb) wrote: Taken from another reviewer: "After watching this movie, I became a better runner and in turn picked up more girls." So true, so true. But amazing story; you can't stop Pre!

Jason M (us) wrote: Christopher Guest's worst movie by far, probably because Farley and Perry suck the life out of this one. On my list of the ten worst of '98.

James M (it) wrote: A sequel to Purple Rain which began the downfall of Prince's career.

Steve G (br) wrote: Superb direction. Some of the best I've ever seen. Eisenstein's work here is nothing short of brilliant. Much more impressive to me than Battleship Potemkin, which was pure propaganda. The coronation scene is among the most beautiful ever filmed. Fact.However, beauty is incomplete without story. It's fairly interesting viewing, but the actual narrative is somewhat surface level. Didn't delve into the depths of the surrounding events as much as it just showcased the grandeur of the personalities. That detracts for me. Great music by Prokofiev.Even though the word 'terrible' isn't meant with a pejorative connotation, there is not much terrible about Ivan here. He doesn't seem all that powerful or intimidating. I suppose that while it was a 'good' movie, I was expecting more. My opinon may be affected after watching the second part.