A former dental technician, currently working as an insurance saleswoman, Yoon young nam manages to live with her 10-year-old daughter. One day, she finds out that her missing daughter has ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Azooma 2012 full movies, Azooma torrents movie

A former dental technician, currently working as an insurance saleswoman, Yoon young nam manages to live with her 10-year-old daughter. One day, she finds out that her missing daughter has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun S (jp) wrote: Are there negative stars? I would give this film minus 5 stars!There was no real character development of the protagonist and his relation with Segal's character Mr. Alexander. Other than a few momentary flashback scenes, they did a poor job of making the character. The movie lacked a flowing plot line that made any sense. All you see is a mosaic of back in forth scenes between two kingpins and their drug exploits and the main character. You never really knew what the intentions of the main character were. The writing was horrible as there were cheesy quick one liners. The camera work was not that great. All of the night scenes were poorly lit and unrealistic. Most of the day shots were blown out. The editing was poor it looked like something put together in the 70's without the 70's flare to it. Even the audio at one point has a Jaguar drive off before you here the starter engage.The sub plot made absolutely no sense. The protagonist, Roman Hurst was sent on a mission to infiltrate a prison and execute a drug lord. He kills the wrong guy. As a result is punished by Mr Alexander. For all of the 15 years of loyal work being Segal's protege, he is "Retired," when Segal has some low level goons break his hands. For most of the movie he is gimped and cant curl his fingers until Danny Trajo, "Machete" heals him with a hammer and some magical scorpions. Thinking that Hurst is going to get revenge on Segal's character, he ends up working along side him again helping segal save his daughter after she is kidnapped by Ving Rhames, AKA modern black "Kojack." With his fist magically healed Hurst saves the day all is well.

WS W (nl) wrote: Sorta cute but nothing special.

Geoff J (gb) wrote: Creepy little thriller,..

Wahida K (de) wrote: A very touching story about a Woman filled with Hopes and Dreams which are shattered in to thousand pieces later.

Manolis F (br) wrote: Wow! How many bicycles! (-:The story evolves around the two adolescent boys and the bicycle having Beijing for an interesting canvas.My heart hurted for the poor messenger who had almost no fault at all. My heart also hurted about the school boy who stole the bike because he needed to be socially acceptable. This is a really tragic film. Second film title could be `adolescent struggles & violence`.

Steven L (jp) wrote: A very moving movie, with great performances from Nicole Kidman (as usual) and Michael Keaton.

Dilson V (de) wrote: Kick the tyres and light the fires

Ben R (br) wrote: This is more like it. I feel bad saying this, but honestly, the Bergman movies I prefer have plots that mostly make sense. I won't deny that movies like Persona and Passion of Anna are meaningful, but whatever the meaning is, I really struggled to discern it. I prefer movies like this, or The Seventh Seal, both of which tell coherent stories with a bit of a supernatural element.There were a lot of great images in this movie, as usual for Bergman. The scene with Fanny and Alexander slowly approaching the room with their dead father and hearing their mother screaming in devastation is really hard to watch, and some people may say it was over the top, but it definitely chilled me. Also, all the sets are gorgeous, and the difference between the various settings really stands out, like the contrast between the red velvet adorning the Ekdahl house and the white ascetic Vergerus house.The main issue preventing most people from fully enjoying this movie will probably be the runtime, and that makes sense. Honestly, I was surprised to find that it didn't bother me. The first hour or so are slightly pointless, taking too much time to establish characters, and the plot really begins when Oscar dies. I know that if I rewatched the movie, the first hour would annoy me a bit, because a lot of it could've been cut. But as I was watching it, I enjoyed it, partly because I liked a lot of the characters. Especially the grandmother. She was great.After the ball gets rolling on the plot, it becomes much more fast-paced. The movie really succeeded in making me hate the Bishop from the very first scene where he teaches Alexander not to lie. One issue (I guess) I had with the first hour was that the two titular characters were barely explored at all, so I had no reason to really feel bad for Alexander when his life started going downhill, but I started to like him a lot more once he started being a sarcastic little shit to the Bishop. I was cheering for him, and that made it all the more crushing when he finally admitted that he'd lied.As usual, the fantastical elements of the movie gave me pause, like when Fanny and Alexander somehow appear in the attic despite them escaping downstairs. Typically it's a little cheap to use deus ex machina and just explain something as a 'miracle' or 'magic.' Same goes for Alexander somehow making Elsa kill the Bishop. Still, though, even those scenes were haunting and emotional, and the supernatural element is worth it for the scenes with Oscar's ghost. I really liked all of those scenes, especially the one when Oscar speaks to his mother (really, the grandmother was wonderful).So overall this is definitely one of my top three Bergman movies. I can forgive some magical realism when it's in small amounts and pertains to the themes of the film. It's harder for me to like when I completely fail to understand it.

heaven s (it) wrote: I hate this movie it horrible

Christopher B (nl) wrote: William Girdler, Christopher George, a racist Leslie Neilson and plenty o' animal attacks make this a great entry in the nature gone amok film. Sure it's a product of it's time, but oh what a time it was.

Courtney K (gb) wrote: um... that family has problems. watching this movie now makes it seem super cheesy, haha, almost funny. but the concept is very scary. kids are just scary in general.

Jonathan R (kr) wrote: Stewart and Novak are quite good, but Lemmon's role is so small as to be disappointing. Ultimately, this is just a middling film, with an emotional arc that's less than crisp and a whimsy I found uninteresting.

x x (kr) wrote: "Beautiful" is a word that comes up again and again in other people's writing about this film, and so it is, surprisingly, given the tragedies that befall its protagonists. Among Mizoguchi's work I still prefer the relative tidiness and lasting melancholy of 'Sansho the Bailiff', but like that film, 'Ugetsu' creates a world and characters to illustrate trials of life with real scope and poetry.

Joey Q (es) wrote: Old time favorite. Great watch everytime. I remember watching this for the first time as an adult however... realized this is NOT child friendly

Marilee A (it) wrote: Sean Penn was, as usual, AMAZING. But even though I knew a girl with a tini tiny role in this, I didn't find this to be a Strong Story the 1st time I saw it.Now that I am older,wiser, and have l lived through things I see this film more deeply than I once did and am so glad I revisited this film

laura k (es) wrote: I hated just about everything about this movie-- the frenetic photography and music, bland characters, virtually non-existent plot, white contact lenses, and the abrupt ending...