"Azura" tells the story of the eponymous heroine,a poor teenage girl. She strives to achieve her dream by working hard, and as a result, she managed to enter a prestigious university as a student, and she also found love.

"Azura" tells the story of the eponymous heroine, teenage girl who lives with her aunt, Yusni, after being orphaned in the tragic Min and Mekah tunnel incident in 1990. She strives to achieve her dream by working hard, and as a result, she managed to enter a prestigious university as a student. However, during her French class, which she takes as a result of her love for France and its art, she meets a fellow student, named Zek, and they fall in love. Facing various obstacles from Zek's parents, the two then elope to London to be married. But what will happen to the couple in the end? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (br) wrote: The only good thing about this pathetic movie is the song at the end ...

Paisley M (ru) wrote: Want to see this just to laugh at it

Mario T (mx) wrote: One of the best Karate movies I've seen so far in my life which has nothing to do with that Hollywood crap. It gave me interesting insights about the development of Karate-do, the historical setting after WWII, the post war problems and of course about the life of Oyama shihan.There are no high tech special effects, no rope action but the pure essence of martial arts and it's philosophy. No matter which martial art or which style you practice this movie is a real inspiration. The soundtrack is amazing and the fighting scenes are very impressive. A must see for every true Karate-ka out there. 1/4? 1/4?

Heather H (ca) wrote: Sweet, quirky, sentimental, well-acted, moody and and all around great film. Makes me want to visit far flung shores again. Definitely recommended.

Andrea E (fr) wrote: loved tis movie its such a heart warming film!!!

Alex D (fr) wrote: haha, yes. stupid sure, but i wanna see it anyways!

Tyler S (us) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid.I had many memories from this film that placed the biggest action star in the role of a kindergarten teacher.Arnold played a cop going undercover as a teacher, and the results are fun as hell.It was funny watching a guy we were used to blowing things up, and hunting predators, teach little kids.It also morphs into a good little crime story with a very solid ending.