B gai waak

B gai waak

Loosely based on the Tokyo Nerve Gas Bombings, a terrorist cult plan the destruction of Hong Kong by deadly Sarin Gas if their leader is not released. One Hong Kong Cop and a seconded ...

Loosely based on the Tokyo Nerve Gas Bombings, a terrorist cult plan the destruction of Hong Kong by deadly Sarin Gas if their leader is not released. One Hong Kong Cop and a seconded ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (au) wrote: The British social service system is given the Ken Loach treatment in this hugely affecting and powerful tale. The social realist premise of injustice amongst the less-piveledged and unfortunate is captured and delivered with stark awakening and passion. With an excellent cast and assured direction of interplay, I, Daniel Blake is not only poignant and emotional, it is necessary in its reflection of a fractured modern society.

Rachel D (fr) wrote: The depiction of this film of the igorot/aeta girl was a crass choice by the producers. It was insensitive and cruel, much like Filipino humor.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: As lovely as other films from Audrey Tautou. But the absurd mother is far too irrational.

Ze F (mx) wrote: A movie that shows how each human being can interfere in the life of another causing a "chain reaction" and demonstrating how we are all connected somehow. However, the movie is very predictable making it just watchable.

Stevens L (ru) wrote: The storyline is rather flat, but the characters make the movie somehow entertaining.

Scott W (it) wrote: Just another generic thriller.

Terrell W (us) wrote: Worst move I've ever seen in my life. Although I watched it over 4 years ago, I can still feel the disappointment like it was yesterday.

Rory R (kr) wrote: The storyline unfortunately fails to back up the great tone and film work conveyed through out this film, brilliantly acted but even that can't help hiding the fact it's strung out a lot longer than it needs to be.

Bathsheba M (br) wrote: Netflix sent me this as one of those "if you liked these movies, you'll like this" so I didn't know anything about it going in. There's a lot to like about it (although it did remind me of the tv show "Glee")...the actors were great and charming...the characters were not as cookie-cutter as I would have supposed: the widowed father, "Sir", was not a rigid stereotype; the all-knowing sister was funny with her perfect but completely fake British accent as Chance points out, Chance taking a chance on doing drag was great and he was so pretty in a not-campy way, his reaction to his picture in that same drag outfit plastered all over the school was probably the most telling moment of the film: you want to control how other people see you...even if how they see you is accurate...but the fact is that if you are yourself, people can and do react to you however they damned well please. Sobering, growing up moment. I loved the support of his drag queen friends...a part of being gay that most straight people, especially straight conservative religionistas never see: the support of the tribe.

Martin G (kr) wrote: Une srie B qui s'assume compltement. Bubba Ho-Tep est un film totalement absurde mais tout de mme bon. Bruce Campbell interprte merveille Elvis Presley

Victoria N (kr) wrote: Really fun & smart built movie. Actors were really great and professional, and the director did a great job.

Rodney S (mx) wrote: I must have see this more than 10 times! An absolute masterpiece!

Joshua B (ag) wrote: A great movie with cold war parallel and a dark tone that is darker than most star trek movies but still remains as great as ever.

Michael G (es) wrote: This movie has everything an adolescent boy (or good-humored older guys) could want in a B-movie: Nazis, knives, boobs, fights, samurai, surfers, hilariously over-the-top acting, and bad words! I have been watching this movie for 20 years and never tire of it. Great flick on a rainy day when the wife is outta the house. If you are looking for storylines, dialogue, and good production quality, then you shouldn't be viewing Troma films in the first place. Who rules the beaches? SURFERS! Who rules the surfers? SURF NAZIS!!

Noel V (au) wrote: One of the greatest and until recently arguably least known films of the '70s, this picture defines the African American community on the big screen the way Scorsese's Mean Streets defined the Italian American community--only Burnett doesn't use gangsters for easy drama and his understanding of women is at least as full and complex as his understanding of men.

Jessi O (es) wrote: I liked it. It's another feel good, character building sports movie, but I like those. ;)

Vince N (br) wrote: Ain't gonna lie this fuckin movie almost made me cry, NOT!!!!!! In my Adem Sandler voice

Eric S (ca) wrote: Worst horror movie ever. The only reason to watch it is because Lauren Francesca is smokin' hot wearing hardly anything but blood. The plot sucked, it made no sense. Who makes a movie with no beginning or end? Boobs, blood and tight butts, that's all this movie had.

Ryan S (de) wrote: 4.5/5. An excellent film, that's funny, thrilling, chilling, and a lot of fun. It still hols up well over a decade later.

Dan H (de) wrote: Good little story, pretty well acted.