Baap Majha Brahmachari

Baap Majha Brahmachari


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Baap Majha Brahmachari torrent reviews

Jos P (it) wrote: El tipo mas cool del mundo (al parecer)

Ian R (it) wrote: HI-larious mix of doc-drama and python sketches! The dude who played John Cleese was actually quite good!

Jerry H (us) wrote: Let me be brief and honest: Though I like most Yuletide flicks, "Christmas in Wonderland" is not the family-friendly film it pretends to be. It may be only "rated PG for rude language" by the MPAA, but, less than a third of the way into it, it objectifies two different human females, one of which is a teenage girl. The fact that an adolescent girl with braces is seen as unattractive is also disheartening. If you're looking for a good, yet little-known Christmas movie, go pick up "The Christmas Gift" with John Denver, or the Hallmark Hall of Fame telefilm "Silver Bells". Frankly, other than being a showpiece for Apple computers, "Christmas in Wonderland" isn't even worth the disc on which it's contained.

Michelle A (es) wrote: Kinda cheesy and stereotypes "certain" groups--but funny nonetheless. lol

SFG 7 (fr) wrote: 18/09/09 "Five guys. One safe. No brains."

Jon R (ca) wrote: Baldwin is good, Woods is great, but this movie suffers from its lack of suspense. Never in the courtroom finale do we even consider the idea that we can not guess the verdict. The best thing about courtroom dramas is their ability to keep us on edge until the jury's foreman delivers the verdict - this film lacks that suspense.

Mirkku S (ag) wrote: This movie made me love dinosaurs. It's very good!

Rodney E (fr) wrote: Early 90's drama about McCarthyism that's ok

Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, June 2, 2014 (2010) Stone PSYCOLOGICAL DRAMA/ THRILLER At the first few minutes, has a very young wife telling her young husband that she wants to leave him. He then goes berserk and runs upstairs straight to their first born child before threatening to drop it down below, telling her that if she leaves him, he's going to drop the baby down below since he won't have anything else to live for. Scared out of her wits, she reluctantly agrees, and makes a promise that she'll never leave him. Then the movie jumps several years later, and it appears that this very same couple have now aged 40 years older. The person that had once threatened to kill his first born daughter by dropping it out of the window has now grown up to be Jack Mabry played by movie veteran Robert DeNiro, and his wife is Madylyn Mabry (Frances Conroy). Jack's been working his whole life as some sort of parole officer who has the authority to grant a hearing for convicted convicts. He also happens to be close to retirement. One of those inmates he had to speak to is Gerald Creeson (Edward Norton), but nicknames himself to be called "Stone" hence the title. There's a reason why he calls himself that, and it was during this time the movie 'stalls' viewers by subjecting us to listen to this ridiculous analogy by suggesting that he is no different than Jack. Gerald even sends his young skanky girlfriend, Lucetta Creeson (Milla Jovovich) to do whatever it takes to convince Jack to grant him a hearing by not following proper protocol and just cut corners. At this point, I'm thinking how did Lucetta even get Jack's home phone number and find out where he lives in the first place? The movie never answers. We're also subjected to witness Jack's boring life, who we later find out that he only goes to church by principal, and upon listening to Bible passages quoted on the radio and on TV, he hears them but totally ignores them. His wife even made attempts to start a discussion with him about the passages and ignores her too exactly like he's been doing with her while living with him, which is why she wanted to leave him in the first place. The director by the name of John Curran tries to convey a point to the audience, but it somehow gets lost somewhere down the line since none of the characters or it's situations are unrelatable - he does this by adding uncommon situations and expect viewers to overlook it, but you can't because it's there and is also defined as a drama movie. 2 out of 4 stars

Cameron F (jp) wrote: Young girl learns life's lessons of love and social status in the 60s while vacationing in the Catskill mountains with her parents and sexually curious sister. It's the vacation that our main character remembers most as she meets a sexy club dancer named Johnny, who teaches her about opening up her eyes to the real world beyond her suburban upbringing and also teaching her to dance along the way. There were countless dance films in the 80s (Footloose, Flashdance, Rooftops) but none of them were as poignant and truthful as this memorable drama with one of the best soundtracks of all time.

June B (fr) wrote: Can we say roll on tha floor ?