Baat Bann Gayi

Baat Bann Gayi

A successful author (Ali Fazal) pretends to be a geek in order to impress his girlfriend's (Anisa) brother (Gulshan Grover), because he expects his brother-in-law to be intelligent.Anyway, while the hero's almost on the verge of winning over his girl's bhaiya, his rowdie lookalike shows up, adding to the drama. That's not all. Even the bhaiya has a lookalike which doubles the drama and confusion.

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Kevin M (jp) wrote: One of the best interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, and certainly the best Sherlock Holmes movie made so far. Fun, smart, intelligent and the performances are all great (especially RDJ as Sherlock, who is SO good in this role, and Jared Harris as Moriarty, who both are dynamite when together) and it stayed true to the source material while also giving it a new style and adding new things to do. The mystery was well done, the relationships between the characters were good and it feels much like smart Sherlock Holmes rather than dumbing it down for Fast and the Furious action fans. I love it!

bill s (fr) wrote: You think if this was the true story would Hitchcock still have made Psycho?

Sarah D (de) wrote: Gah. I wanted to like it. It was rather slow for me. (I ended up fast forwarding through the last ten minutes because I just wanted it to end. I'm hoping maybe something was lost in translation because I watched the dubbed version. Maybe. Possibly. I'll cling to that hope.)

Hillary M (ru) wrote: amazing books. good combination of the two.

Jonathan H (ru) wrote: It's hard to plainly say I "like" Visitor Q because its subject matter is so disturbing, but viewing it in the long, rich tradition of experimental films coupled with a dash of art-house form, Visitor Q does have its merits. Films of this ilk don't merely exist to shock and appal the viewer (although that's certainly part of it) they are meant to convey a series of themes and messages residing (at times even hiding) underneath the surface--it's just harder to find those messages with the constant barrage of stirring and bizarre imagery. While Visitor Q probably isn't as biting as Pasolini, as purposeful as Jorodowsky, or as satirical as Bunuel, it does speak to the amazing versatility of Taskashi Miike. Here, he plays with form so masterfully. The cross-cutting between these insane scenes; the background imagery; the rare moments of pathos were pathos shouldn't be; the quick tonal shifts, and the seamless transitioning between hand-held and pull-ins to put you, the viewer, in a creepy voyeuristic position, a front row seat to the perverse happenings. That position made me feel very uncomfortable -- and therein lies the point: with our endless fascination with "reality TV," we line up in droves to watch people, family, friends' most intimate occurrences play out in front of us as "entertainment." In the case of celebrity, one can make a great argument that we love watching people crumble in front of our very eyes as well. Where is the line? How much disintegration can we handle, since we, in a way, ask for it? Miike is able to take these ideas (along with a commentary on the "do nothing" state of the modern family, and the fragility of Japanese culture), and integrate them into an experimental, art-house, comedy thriller. In fact, you probably can't lump this film into one genre -- and yet, it plays effortlessly. That's a triumph.This film will challenge you in ways few can. Whether you like it or not, it will stimulate you. It takes an astute viewer to see beyond the horrific, but if you like and/or are open to the truly exaggerated, surreal and confrontational, you might get something more out of Visitor Q than meets the eye.

Courtney S (au) wrote: This was kind of funny, if I remember correctly

Jason G (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this thriller and I thought it was written very well. The film created both suspense and humor in a very well orchestrated manner. A great thing about this film is that after it was over there were many lines that were great to quote. Not every film can say they have that effect. With that being said, I was quite surprised to see this movie had only an 80% audience score here on rotten tomatoes. I would highly recommend this movie to almost anyone who enjoys watching movies.

Joey T (de) wrote: Another "so bad it's good movie."

Sharon P (de) wrote: One of my fav films ever!

Tim S (it) wrote: Think 'Strangers on a Train' meets 'Rope' meets 'Frenzy'. While probably inferior to these other Hitchcockian masterpieces, Dial M for Murder delivers the thrills and twists expected from the 'Master of Suspense'. The battle of wits between the guilty, the accuser and the investigator is the driving force behind this film. As the audience, we know from the start who the guilty party is and this creates real tension; at times you actually find yourself willing the guy to outfox the law!