Baava (Telugu: బావ) is a 2010 Telugu film, the debut film of director Ram Babu and starring Siddharth and Praneetha. The music was composed by Chakri. It is a romantic comedy with village backdrop.

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Jed D (es) wrote: Richard Riehle, noteable for his roles in such films as "Jury Duty" & "Hatchet", does his best to provide the element of interest in this B-Level, Parasidic-like, Outbreak, style of movie. The special effects were quite impressive but that is all movie-goers will have to look forward to. Thumbs down!

Paul D (ag) wrote: Creepy enough with its sadistic child-killers who are fantastically emotionless in their macabre demeanor, however the film fails to engage the viewer in what is clearly a low-budget horror.

Tyler S (au) wrote: Some decent action going on here, but I've seen this done so many times before. Idris and Dillon do fine jobs but outside that the acting is pretty bad. Too many clichs and the movie is just executed poorly.

Johnny L (nl) wrote: I think that Megumi (Mum) is the most important role as she is effectively used for connecting other characters who were having their own secrets. The scenes such as Ryuhei was fired, Kenji was needed to steal the lunch fee for learning piano, Kurosu couldn't steal any money from the Sasaki's successfully and clearly show the problems of the society which is meeting the situation of economic turndown. The plot goes on in a fluent way and let us to see the changes of the family and what they needed to face together. The screenwriters don't decribe how they solved the problems afterwards, but it's touching for us while watching the performance of Kenji. Director Kurosawa Kiyoshi ends the story with "Clair de Lune" to show the ups and downs of the family through a music piece.

Melissa M (gb) wrote: I can't believe I sat through this crap! The sausage song and the bit with the zebra centaurs were funny. Everything else was crap.

Mike V (gb) wrote: just as bad as I remember it.

Kiki G (gb) wrote: this movie looks interesting

Trent J (ag) wrote: The way it laces together multiple story arcs, none of which can claim to have obvious direction, was sure to have made Robert Altman go green with envy. There's a mastery of storytelling here that might not be obvious at first, but when one analyzes the arcs, it is very clear.

Wrik S (de) wrote: Became famous for the right reasons: skin show from Sharon Stone! All that there was to voyeuristic pleasure, this movie is a complete treat for those with 'that' kind of fun. Acting- not much to be seen, and plot decent enough, but is more of the entertainer one would look for during teenage years..

Alex A (jp) wrote: Interesting, intense, deep

Indira D (gb) wrote: This movie was wonderful! I was engaged the whole time. Nothing felt to rushed or slow. The acting was wonderfully. It was just perfect. Would love to watch everyday for the rest of my life.