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Baawri torrent reviews

Cynthia W (fr) wrote: One of the best horror movies in a long time.

Savanna M (it) wrote: All time favorite movie, so inspirational to me on a personal level. I cannot express how much I love and adore this movie and the actors. It is incredible and a movie I will forever go on watching.

Damon R (es) wrote: I've seen better DC movies than this.

Mark James A (fr) wrote: This is a very clear warning to those who wanna watch this movie: The torture is on you.

Demetris H (it) wrote: My second viewing of this feature length stand alone complex gave me a much clearer appreciation, as I finally managed to watch the entire series preceding this storyNot as much philosophy in this one, however the animation is still breathtaking and it still manages to make us question the society we live in.

Walter M (us) wrote: No, "The Raspberry Reich" is not the long awaited for sequel to "The Strawberry Statement." Rather, it is about Gudrun(Susanne Sachsse) who feels that having sex on a bed is bourgeois, so she persuades her partner Holger(Daniel Batscher) to use every surface imaginable in their apartment for their coupling, before taking it outside to the elevators, inspiring a couple of neighbors(Ulrike Schirm & Stephan Dilschneider) to have a go at it. Che(Daniel Fettig) is satisfied with simply masturbating which Gudrun claims is counterrevolutionary.(Say it ain't so!) Meanwhile, Andreas(Dean Stathis), Helmut(Gerrit) and Clyde(Anton Z. Risan) kidnap Patrick(Andreas Rupprecht), the son of an industrialist, for the people's cause which also allows Clyde and Patrick to get familiar with each other in the trunk of the car. While not the Marxist bisexual porn movie that the public has been clamoring for, "The Raspberry Reich" is still breezy hardcore fun that manages to have something meaningful to say about the state of the world between all of the sex. However, like pornography, the movie is interested in fantasy, in this case Gudrun's(who reminds me a little of somebody I used to know), both sexual and political, allowing her to play an extended game of cops and anarchists and forming conspiracy theories about the demise of the Baader-Meinhof gang who still resonate decades after their deaths in Germany.(As far to the left as I am politically, I don't take much stock in conspiracy theories.) At the same time, somewhat hypocritcally, she lives out her sexual fantasies in trying to liberate others but you cannot tell others to explore something they might be uncomfortable with.

Jennie L (br) wrote: Ignore the reviews - Watch it.

Tara S (br) wrote: Beautiful film, stays with you

Dar J (br) wrote: Hilarious. Absolutely loved it. People don't know good comedy on this website

bill s (fr) wrote: How the hell did Pauly Shore still get movies green lighted after all the bombs he mustered in the late 80's and early 90's?

Tinouche N (it) wrote: one of the best film about Spain civil war

Jutta H (us) wrote: even though this movie is violent, it still doesnt show all of Phoolans suffering. anyway a good movie. Makes you wanna scream and cry and get the child out of it and kick all those bastards into their ... and skin them alive. The little girl is a brilliant actress.

Justin B (kr) wrote: Meaner grosser and sillier.

Doug D (de) wrote: There's so much that you should dislike about "Worth Winning" that it's odd when you find yourself actually liking the movie. First, the main character, Taylor Worth (Mark Harmon) is exactly the kind of guy that many of us hated when we were in high school and college. He's too perfect, from his hair to his smile to his immaculate wardrobe. He has everything, including any woman that he wants to bed for a night or two.Taylor never gets rejected, which is why his best friend, Ned (Mark Blum) comes up with a bet - get engaged to three women in three months, and Ned gets to pick the women. It's a slam dunk win for Ned, except Taylor also hates to lose and wants Ned to quit making foolish bets - so against his better judgment, Taylor agrees.The three women all present varying challenges. Erin (Maria Holvoe) is an innocent but gorgeous blonde who is the receptionist for the Philadelphia Eagles - and is protected by several of it's biggest and strongest players. Eleanor (Lesley Ann Warren) is married to a very rich but very boring dolt whose idea of fun is doing mental math over the dinner table. And Veronica (Madeleine Stowe) is an eclectic concert pianist who openly states that she hates men like Taylor.Of course, since this is an '80s romantic comedy, we know that Taylor will have some measure of success with all three women. And that's part of why we really shouldn't like "Worth Winning." Taylor is pretty much a sexist cad who gets what he wants from women before tossing them to the curb on the way to the next conquest. At least that's where he starts.But along the way, also because it's an '80s romantic comedy, we also know that there's going to be a transformation in Taylor's future. And this is why we ultimately end up likely "Worth Winning." The guy that Taylor starts to realize he wants to be - primarily because that's who one of the three women falls in love with - is actually a decent guy. And in spite of the seedy background of the bet, we find ourselves rooting for Taylor to somehow work everything out and get the right girl."Worth Winning" is a likable movie with a fairly strong cast and some decent direction - especially in the way that Taylor (and ultimately the right girl) break the fourth wall to make asides to the audience. Another plus for the film is the soundtrack, which is mostly comprised of original compositions by pianist Liz Story (who also used her hands to double for Madeleine Stowe during the concert scene)."Worth Winning" is a solid addition to the date night rotation if you can find a copy (and that's a big if, given that the only DVDs on Amazon start at $65 for a used copy).

Trista J (it) wrote: Predictable, but adorable and filled with laughter.