Inspector Amar Damjee discovers a terrifying crime in the street when he saves the lives of bus passengers. Now his job is as a police inspector to identify the terrorists. Suddenly, when a police commisioner's daughter is killed in a homicide, Amar is framed for it and goes to jail. When he escapes along with the other prisoners accidently, he goes out to prove his innocence and find the man behind this, which Amar also discovers that he was his parent's killer too.

Inspector Amar Damjee discovers a terrifying crime in the street when he saves the lives of bus passengers. Now his job is as a police inspector to identify the terrorists. Suddenly, when a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baazi torrent reviews

Roelyn P (fr) wrote: What??? Utterly disappointed.... The storyline was horrible.

Jen K (au) wrote: Well-known story told in a unique and surprising way. Cannot recommend enough.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: A bloke has a curse placed on him where he learns that instead of being mean, he can be creepy.Absolutely nobody on the planet would behave like a single one of these characters, and if that weren't the case, this movie would still suck. Gets the extra star for LisaGay Hamilton & Neil Patrick Harris who, though still ridiculous, are at least endearing.(Also he's way hotter as The Beast).

Jose Miguel G (br) wrote: Over the top and fast paced, the humor behind Hot Rod is what you can call "weirdly american", which it does works most of the time thanks to the presence of Sanberg, Fisher, McBride and Hader.

Luis P (it) wrote: esta pelcula esta buenisima me quede hasta fro con este final, quien pensara eso iba a pasar waaaaaoooooo!!!!

Marcie F (nl) wrote: this wasn't as good as i had hoped it would be...

Anthony C (mx) wrote: I drove to New York City 3 times just to see his Cremaster Cycle and view the exhibits. This film is slightly more disturbing than some of the individual Cremaster films, though not as captivating and unfortunately lacked any of the sense of humor (at least as I experienced it) as several of the Cremaster films. Still, he is unique in his vision and the fact that he still creeps you (me) out without an apparent ceiling on his visual and thematic talent thoroughly excites me. In some ways I wish it was more accessible just because I don't personally know anyone I can enjoy this WITH (though that may simply be a result of geography and circumstance). I know they're out there but it still is exciting to think how we might connect over material such as this (and perhaps learn of other fringe art from each other).


Mark W (nl) wrote: Overall this was a rather disappointing affair... Felissa Rose as Angela, for what little time she got , was incredible! Literally her appearance made the whole thing worthwhile... But combined with an annoying fat kid, a bunch of characters who all suck and a rather camp performance from Jonathan Tiersten, it was far from the quality of the series previous instalments...

Jonah W (nl) wrote: A terrific ghost thriller. If you look eerie little films; this one's for you.

kenn L (br) wrote: love the story line very relatable.

Adam R (ru) wrote: Bone-chilling! I oppose the negative reviews as I found this to be a very effective and creepy horror movie. (First and only viewing - Fall 2007)

David L (fr) wrote: With absolutely fantastic character development, incredibly smart and unpredictable screenplay, simply wonderful humor and greatly executed trial sequences, Witness for the Prosecution is an amazing film from start to finish with a plethora of phenomenal characters wonderfully realized, fascinating finale with a superb twist and a bunch of powerhouse performances, of which Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich are the best in one of their finest roles. It is immensely engaging, smart, funny, charming, riveting, incredibly well acted and wonderfully directed by one of the best directors of all time that is of course Billy Wilder. This is one of the very best films of its respectable year and one of the finest courtroom dramas ever made. A pure delight.

Katie B (br) wrote: It was filmed and directed like a play... a nice touch considering its origins. What really makes this film enjoyable is the casting. Bogart's rugged and tempestuous nature as the crook Duke Mantee is a performance well executed.Howard, ever the conversationalist in this film, is smooth and at times dashing as the artist who sacrifices himself for a greater love, a greater beauty than he has ever known. I was actually shocked to see Bette Davis in such an innocent and genuinely youthful role. The passion she expresses and has for Howard- all surrounding that Villon poem- rolls off her like sand; a lighter dose of Davis well done.

Lasse G (fr) wrote: This is a horrible movie. The plot really have potential to create something smart and special, but because of horrible writing and mediocre directing from Roland Emmerich, it just becomes another big scaled disaster movie. The characters are definitely the worst thing about this movie, because they are so uninteresting and the acting is so bad. John Cusack's character is so horribly written that Cusack himself, didn't even bother giving a somewhat acceptable performance. Woody Harrelson just plays Woody Harrelson, and while that may not be a bad thing, his character is just as insane and crappy written as every other character. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the only actor who gives a somewhat good performance in this movie, but his character is really just there for exposition and to narrate the various events that go down in the movie. The effects on the other hand are spectacular and follow the trail of great effects in Emmerich's movies, except for "Godzilla," of course. In the end, this is a really bad movie with some bad writing and badly written characters. Still excited for "Independence Day: Resurgence," though...

Meredith W (de) wrote: As per the title, "Penguins of Madagascar" focuses on the four penguins from the Madagascar films. When the four penguins have a run-in with a new villain, Dave, they are forced to team up with another group of animal secret agents to stop Dave's evil plan. The result is a cute and funny movie filled with memorable vocal performances (John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch). With loads of adult humour, like celebrity pun mentions, make it fun for adults too.

Jude P (de) wrote: Well made to bring up a widely spoken social matter and it has it's impact.

Jay B (kr) wrote: Flawed, but definitely goofy enough to warrant a watch or two. Eastwoood and Reynolds are great together and do well, considering all they have to work with is 90 pages of one-liners.