Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families.

Inspired from Babel tower, the film is about a couple who travel to Americe. After the voice of a explosive bullet, a series of events happen. The couple has to set off dangerous adventures from Maroc to Mexico, Tokyo...In every places they travel to, they gradually realize that love is the line connecting among people . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spike V (jp) wrote: Based on the What's so Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Superman arc by Joe Kelly (who turned this story into a screenplay as well), this one is precisely the Supes movie the audience who has fallen out of love with the character needs and deserves. Not only is it one of Superman's darkest tales, but it's a great representation of why the Man of Steel's "antiquated" ways are really timeless and necessary. It's a very Punk Rock DC film about heroism and it really delivers.

Lucero C (mx) wrote: Cute movie when you don't have anything else to watch!!

Harrison W (us) wrote: A bit heartbreaking. He starts off with so much hope but he really breaks halfway through. It's almost like he knows it's not going to win. Kinda slow. Nothing fascinating if you already took him to be a human being with the best intentions and weren't a polarizing jerk.

Joshua B (fr) wrote: Not as good as the original but still a watchable film.

Craig F (au) wrote: "I thought this would be funny, but it's actually kind of sad"

Maryanne N (fr) wrote: Fucked up, but worth watching

JoAnne S (ag) wrote: Horrible film. The ending was pointless and unexplained. Total waste of time. I wouldn't even give it a half star if I have the choice to give it none.

Paul S (kr) wrote: It's Star Wars mixed with Lord of the Rings, and while that sounds awesome on paper, the execution is unsatisfying.

love life h (au) wrote: i think it was a good film alot of injustis in the bigging then shahid did the right thing at the end.

Mike V (ru) wrote: cousin made me watch this flick. it was actually pretty good

Neil J (br) wrote: Very old and not very good.

Anthony C (fr) wrote: Not great but a rather intresting modern day frankenstein tale. Worth a watch

Roland S (ag) wrote: This sequel still works, and it does things a bit differently enough not to be just another rehash.

Michael G (ca) wrote: I found Endless Love to be an emotionally moving and faithful adaptation of Scott Spencer's classic novel. Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt both bring passion to their performances.

Kieran L (jp) wrote: Scotty doesn't know. Superior utilisation of cameos and interesting stylistic choices sets this apart from your average post American Pie teen comedy.

Jason J (es) wrote: Eastwood and Reynolds team up in this really funny 1930's detective story.