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Paulina A (ca) wrote: Bad one! I really hated it! Couldn't even understand it properly... Definetely a must not!!

Becky S (de) wrote: nice movieeeeeeee!!!!!!!

c p (us) wrote: I put this film up there with other classics like Princess Bride and Willow. Must-have for any family film collection.

John S (de) wrote: This is one of the worst CGI movies that had a big budget. It just isn't funny, the animation isn't bad, but it is not funny. Cheap Over the Hedge ripoff.

Gaby R (us) wrote: It was a fun and interesting movie :)

David S (mx) wrote: Rob Schneider is Great

Miguel A (ru) wrote: Em qualquer outro contexto, que no seja o do filme que algum apanha s tantas a passar na TV, "Extreme Prejudice" um condensado de todos os clichs do cinema de aco dos anos 80 (ultimamente reaproveitados na srie "The Expendables"). Portanto h um traficante muito mau que veste de branco, h uma mulher latina em disputa e h um justiceiro de trejeitos robticos que se esquiva a 1240 balas durante todo o filme (aqui Nick Nolte faz-nos pensar que teria dado um excelente "Robocop"). No esquecer tambm o esquadro de ex-militares desaparecidos que se juntam para uma cilada, embora nunca se perceba muito bem que papel esse tem excepto o de mandar coisas pelos ares e de disparar em tudo o que mexe. Algum entendeu que o ltimo tiroteio de "Extreme Prejudice" homenageia directamente "The Wild Bunch", embora me parecesse que o tributo dirigido a "The Profissionals" e "Invasion USA" em partes iguais. Com filmes como "The Driver" ou "Southern Comfort" no currculo, Walter Hill devia ter-se dado ao respeito de nunca ter feito "Extreme Prejudice".

I dont know w (es) wrote: Sure, almost nobody on Flixster likes it, but it's Star Wars! Don't deny the awesomeness of Star Wars.

Nelson M (br) wrote: If there was any film that could be described as a film collage, this would be it. This mixture of fiction, documentary, interview, sex, comedy, and then some is one of the most original films ever made. Whereas this experimental exercise into the thought of Wilhelm Reich might be off putting to some,if you continue to watch you're going to have a great time. While this is a weird film, at no point does this film become boring and manages to stay nice and fresh. This film takes the theory of montage to the complete next level and pushes it as far as it can go into one of the greatest films ever made. It's worth every minute.

Irvin C (ru) wrote: I've heard this film being praised several times and its director recently passed away so now's the time for me to check it out. As I expected it's a strange surreal film which eschews traditional narrative for a series of strange. cinematically playful vignettes involving two young, somewhat kooky women, many of it involving food of somekind. I don't claim to know what it all means exactly but I'm thinking it's an anti-bourgeois film of some sort. It's not for all tastes but it's a definite must-see for any student of film and for the cinematically adventurous.

Luis C (nl) wrote: Audrey Hepburn is magnificent...

Lind B (es) wrote: I didn't grow up knowing the tv show or previous movies, but I really enjoyed it. It was a little long, but if much was cut out it wouldn't flow as well. Great and funny action movie.

Danielle P (de) wrote: Cleverly filmed using only the wii, cell phone and the laptop cam. Super creepy and really good!!!