After the death of Trudy, a centenarian, some lucrative land with an old house are left at the end of the village. That is convenient for the mayor (Pavel Kikincuk), who have designs on the...

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Babovresky torrent reviews

Boogie B (de) wrote: Plot: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and more are back for the 3rd chapter.Review:Jay and Silent Bob aren't the only ones who strike back. Scream 3 is suppose to be the chilling third chapter, of the phenomenon, frightful, and popular Scream movies. However, it lacks what made the first and second Scream movies amazing.I believe the 3rd entry could have used it's old screenwriter back, Kevin Williamson (I Know What You Did last Summer, The Faculty). Instead, we get a new screenwriter, Ehren Kruger (The Ring, Transformer: Age of Extinction). In my opinion, Kevin Williamson may be the better writer.I belive this Scream film didn't have the heart behind it. Easy it enjoyable? Sure. Is it a classic like the first one, or even good like the second? Not really.So these are my final Bitchin' Buddha thoughts on Scream 3. It's not as suspenseful, original, and clever as the rest. I enjoyed it, but I belive there wasn't enough creativity ad heart behind it. I believe Scream 3 earns a... 2.5 / 5Thanks for reading and viewing, and i hope you have an amazing day as always. :)

Aline O (de) wrote: le synopsis en anglais est faux ! voil le pitch en franais : dans un petit village Simon le Magicien est un paria qui est pris pour un simplet. On le croit possd par le Diable.les habitants se jouent de lui.

Ed K (us) wrote: clichd and stretched pretty damn thin story-wise.

Ian B (ca) wrote: Nora Ephron crafts a gloriously longing and hopeful story in Sleepless in Seattle, a film in which love interests don't meet until the final scene. Gently paced and beautifully observant, it is a love letter to romance, American modernity, and cinephilia that is unafraid to explore the comforts and devastations of human connection.

Marc S (nl) wrote: The funniest action/comedy I ever seen!

Greg W (mx) wrote: 1 of my fave french movies

Sean C (ag) wrote: Not bad in a Sunday afternoon sort of way. Worth it for purely nostalgic reasons

Bradley K (de) wrote: Though hampered by pedantic voice-over and melodramatic acting, the cinematography alone is gorgeous enough to merit a viewing. The dream sequence is perhaps one of the finest I've ever seen and John McGuire gives a performance eerily close to Kyle MacLauchlan's "Agent Cooper".

Michael R (au) wrote: The last half star is missing because the only thing wrong with this movie is that i wanted more of it. Wow. Its unusual when you can watch an action movie 3 times and still find new things that are awesome about it. The last time, for instance I realized that the judge is basically the villain of this movie. He does not take his helmet off once... Yes! The dialoge is short, punchy and to the point. The violence is real, nobody gets shot off screen, you see the real effects of what violence does to peoples bodies. On that note, not only do you care what happens to the two judges, you also end up caring about their opposition, these arn't faceless mooks that the faceless judge is shooting, The film does, at multiple points, show you how human the judged are. So excellent, believable action, believable characters, believable world. Everything stays consistent in this movie thematically and practically.

Grant H (de) wrote: Awesome movie. While almost everything in it is completely absurd and preposterous, it knows that, and doesn't try to take itself seriously. The action is incredible, so well-choreographed and shot, the plot is a good old-fashioned mysterious gunman protecting some one in need, the script is cheesy fun, and the performances are great, especially Owen.