Baby, Baby, Baby!

Baby, Baby, Baby!

30 year old Yoko Sasaki (Arisa Mizuki) works diligently at a publishing company. She then receives the unexpected news that she is pregnant. Having now to chose between having a baby and or her career.

After learning of a new promotion, a career woman finds out she is pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorianator F (mx) wrote: Pretty good movie. Brilliant plot and dialogue. Good acting also. I just thought it was a bit confusing. Since everyone was talking over each other for most of the movie, it was hard to differentiate the characters. It was well-crafted though. I'll have to give it another watch to fully understand it.

Nikola K (ru) wrote: Amazing. I love how many stand-ins there were for Ron Jeremy. He was probably working on some other films...

Robert I (de) wrote: Funny film, but not great. Too short even.

JamesMasaki R (it) wrote: It may have been made during Japanese wartime and folliwing rules of propaganda, but the film still works as one of Ozu's simplest, purest films. One thing surprising is the lack of females, as the entire movie is pretty much through the eyes of the father and son, separated for financial and educational reasons, something quite common even these days in Japan. Minimal, beautiful, and obviously tragic. One of his best and underrated.