Baby Love

Baby Love

When her mother dies, her attractive young daughter hungry for love moves into the dead woman's house as a quest to seduce its tenants in her desperate search for love.

Poor Luci, she is a 15 year old English schoolgirl about to embark on a promising career as the high-school mattress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baby Love torrent reviews

Courtney S (gb) wrote: Cute movie and all the Americans with English accents isn't really annoying.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: It says written and directed by Dario Argento but he isn't capable of such boring garbage. Therefore, I can only assume there's another Dario Argento, his family was held at gunpoint, or he was having a bad day. Either way it's not good.

Matt K (kr) wrote: only saw last bit of this but it was ok i think?

Kevin L (kr) wrote: Hardware's special effects haven't really aged well. However, I admit to being a bit spoiled by what is possible in modern cinema. The art of this film is cutting edge, for it's time period. Indeed this film is a gem, and a way of expressing the fear of human progress. It portrays the theme of cyberpunk in a very relevant way for it's intended audience, through it's apocalyptic theme. A cyberpunk horror classic.

DC F (nl) wrote: One of the "so bad that it's good" movies. Yeah, it's pretty terrible, but good to make fun of on one of those nights where there's nothing to do.

Alyan H (fr) wrote: Amazing special effects for 1922..

Benji G (mx) wrote: Gritty and real feel, stellar script, great cinematography, and breakthrough performances -- a classic piece of cinema.