Baby on Board

Baby on Board

Life for a successful power couple get thrown for a loop when the wife finds out she's pregnant.

Life for a successful power couple get thrown for a loop when the wife finds out she's pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher C (kr) wrote: Vert good French movie... a well-mix between ProjetX and Hangover

H P (ag) wrote: Unwatchable. Truly. When movies this bad get high praise you're sure that the days of "payola" or whatever the movie business calls it is alive and well. Who DOESN'T want there to be a good Cthulhu movie? Unfortunately this isn't it. (In some ways the first Hellboy was the best Lovecraft-ian movie of recent note.) I turned it off, not even finishing it. My recommendation is to not even start it and instead go to the source and read some of HP Lovecraft's original stories, it would be time much better spent.

Zachary M (ag) wrote: Bizarre, funny, with a bit of heart. It seems if you asked a normal person what a foreign film, especially a French one, looked and felt like, they would describe this movie. It has so many quirky little touches that make it good, but it can be distractive and a bit weird for many film goers. Definitely worth the watch, especially if you are fan of someone like Wes Anderson, but could be a bit too bizarre for a percent of the film going audience.

Brian B (ru) wrote: Excellent! Four stars hands down! Terrific plot with unexpected twists. An all star cast with the beautiful Aisha Tyler and Kevin Bacon. Refreshingly original. Go see it!

Mikhail B (mx) wrote: Inconceivably pretty and strange world of the flowers, plants, insects and other tiny creatures whose life takes place all around us, even before our very eyes, and regardless of our oblivion, remains busy, sprawling with life and essential for the balance of the Earth's giant ecosystem.

Zaw M (fr) wrote: The cast is amazing. Performance is Brilliant. I was really into the movie. It's actually such a sad story. A story about the life and work of Ed Wood. In the end, I would say Ed Wood is a great movie. I love it.

Private U (us) wrote: A better later Full Moon Release!

Naveed A (ca) wrote: very good film, all about brotherly love and then rivalry.

David G (mx) wrote: In "THX 1138", George Lucas creates a nightmarish dystopia where sexual intercourse is outlawed and the use of mind-controlling drugs is mandatory. The story focuses on the titular THX (pronounced "thex", like "sex") and his roommate, a woman called LUH who decides to stop taking the mind altering drugs and to replace THX's drugs with inactive pills. The two begin to experience authentic emotions for the first time and soon begin an illegal romantic relationship. The premise of THX 1138 is compelling and interesting. The society constructed by Lucas, whereby the state controls all aspects of its' citizens lives through the use of drugs, android police and even a state-sanctioned deity called OMM 0910, is perhaps one of the most comprehensive dystopias I've seen on film before. Unfortunately, the characters present and story that unfolds within this society are much less interesting. Characterization is exceptionally sparse, which perhaps makes sense given the fact that the residents of the society depicted in the film are supposed to be personality-less, but that doesn't make for compelling watching. The pacing is almost excruciatingly slow, making for an ultimately tedious viewing experience. This all means that Lucas' attempts at experimental scenes fall flat. I didn't care about the characters, nor about the simple storyline, all of which when combined with the snail-pace of the film made me lose much patience with Lucas' experiments. The idea of one man rebelling against a giant dystopia is an interesting concept but THX 1138 simply does not deliver on its promise. It's worth watching for the visuals, the premise and the society that Lucas creates, but other than that, it's a disappointment.

David J (us) wrote: "His Girl Friday" is a very funny screwball comedy from 1940 with bullet-speed dialogue, proof that journalism never changes, and a rather unsatisfying conclusion.

Nathaniel B (br) wrote: One of my all-time favorites.

Collin T (br) wrote: Come on and slam, if you wanna jamcome one and slam, and welcome to the jam5 stars

Blake P (it) wrote: I was not expecting this movie to be this good! Elizabeth (Mercouri) and her lover (Schell) are planning a brand new heist, to retrieve a emerald embedded dagger in one of the most high security museums in the world. They recruit amateurs as their help-- a trapeze artist and a bumbling small time smuggler named Arthur (Ustinov). Trouble is, the Istanbul police find out that Arthur is part of this plot, and recruit him to spy on his bosses while still working for them, and in return not get any jail time. Will it work? "Topkapi" is mostly a hidden movie, and I was not thinking I would like it this much! I already really like most of director Jules Dassin's work, but I never thought one of his last movies would have as much "pozzazz" as some of his first. Heist movies were getting seriously popular in the '60's, and while most are forgettable, this one isn't. "Topkapi" is a colorful, often funny, suspenseful movie that is not to be missed. It's always entertaining, but even people interested in art can like it too-- most of the movie was filmed in Istanbul. There's so much going for this movie-- it's a comedy, but it's still a crime film. It sounded like a spoof to me, but it isn't. It all goes from the characters, but what the coolest thing is, is the transition of the genres. The first hour and fifteen minutes is a full on comedy, and giggling is promised. For the next half-hour, one of the most tense and suspenseful heists is pulled off, almost as good as the scene in Dassin's other movie, "Rififi". The cast is just as appealing-- Melina Mercouri being one of the most fun femme fatales in movie history, Schell is one of the most menacing crime bosses I've seen, and Ustinov makes this movie hilarious and witty, his Oscar was definitely well earned. "Topkapi" is a hidden gem, and I really liked it. Recommended.

Hillary M (us) wrote: I really liked this movie. Some may call it a chick flick...

Ben F (ag) wrote: Director Rob Cohen was like "screw it, why not?"

Shane J (au) wrote: wwe films just give up,what was this supposed to be? a comedy,nothing funny happens,action film? no action? it just confused me. edge is a charismatic guy he could have easily pulled off a decent comedy action film but not this trash. It just looks so cheap,like a tv movie of the week.wwe films buy better scripts or hire better writers because its no wonder your film division is sinking money with stuff like this being put out.