Baby Sitters Jitters

Baby Sitters Jitters

The stooges are facing eviction and decide to raise some money by becoming baby-sitters. Their first client is a women separated from her husband, who entrusts her son "Junior" to the boys' care. When The husband steals the baby, the stooges set out to find their missing charge and return him to his mother. The boys confront the husband and find Junior, and in the process the estranged couple is re-united.

The stooges are facing eviction and decide to raise some money by becoming baby-sitters. Their first client is a women separated from her husband, who entrusts her son "Junior" to the boys'... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen T (mx) wrote: Any potential for a fun adventure film were drowned about by lifeless special effects, boring performances and a complete lack of stakes. It's like the film-makers wanted to make a children's film that was 'quirky' and 'dark' but at no point did it cross their mind to attempt to make something 'entertaining'

Darwin K (mx) wrote: really enjoyed this. reminded me of Sat afternoon kung-fu serials mixed w/fifth element. plus, great music from rza.

Hugo V (jp) wrote: -A Perfect Day is een 2015 Spaanse comedy-drama film geschreven en geregisseerd door Fernando Len de Aranoa. Het is gebaseerd op de roman "Dejarse Llover" door Paula Farias. Het werd gescreend in het Directors Fortnight sectie aan het 2015 Cannes Film Festival en is de director's engelstalige debuut.--Plot: -Ervaren hulpverleners Mambr (Benicio Del Toro), B (Tim Robbins) en nieuwkomer Sophie (Mlanie Thierry), begeleid door hun tolk Damir (Fedja tukan), proberen een lijk op te halen van een bron ergens in voormalig Joegoslavi aan het eind van de Joegoslavische oorlogen.-Hun eerste poging mislukt omdat hun touw scheurt, zodat ze op zoek gaat naar een ander touw, dat blijkt moeilijker te zijn dan verwacht. Ze zijn verbonden in hun poging door Mambr's voormalige liefde Katya (Olga Kurylenko) en een jonge lokale boy genaamd Nikola.--Ontvangst: -Op Rotten Tomatoes, de film heeft een 70% goedkeuringsscore, een gemiddelde beoordeling van 6.5/10, gebaseerd op 23 beoordelingen. De consensus luidt: "Hulpverleners komen tot hun recht in A Perfect Day, dat is gewoon anders en goed genoeg gehandeld te overwinnen haar logge tempo en narratieve clichs". Op Metacritic, de film heeft een score van 59 uit 100 bemonsterd, 15 critici, met vermelding "Gemengde of gemiddelde beoordelingen".--Cast: Benicio del Toro as Mambr Tim Robbins as B Olga Kurylenko as Katya Mlanie Thierry as Sophie Fedja tukan as Damir

Leah S (jp) wrote: J'ai beaucoup aime ce film. Tres marrant.

Tatjana T (br) wrote: very cute... good ending =]

Rae H (es) wrote: worthwhile. cute date flick.

Ross M (ca) wrote: Effective horror. However the concept of Anti-abortionist murderers is a bit ironic!

Giuseppe P (ru) wrote: Un film sulla scena musicale di Manchester dalla fine degli anni '70 con la nascita del post-punk con i Joy Division, passando per i New Order, fino alla rock-dance degli Happy Mondays. Tutto ruota attorno alla Factory dell'intraprendente Tony Wilson e a suo locale Hacienda con relativa ascesa e declino. Personalmente il soggetto del film di grande interesse essendo un fan dei Joy Division. Ma c' di pi perch la trama e i dialoghi si sviluppano in modo serrato e il montaggio molto intelligente poich, soprattutto all'inizio, alterna immagini di fiction ad emozionanti immagini di repertorio di molte band della scena punk britannica degli anni '70. E' curioso notare come l'Ian Curtis di questo film sia molto pi duro e apparentemente meno fargile di quello di "Control" interpretato da Sam Riley.

KaLiegh K (ru) wrote: I loved MK + A back in the day

Jillian P (kr) wrote: If you want to watch what may be a perfectly crafted movie - plenty of action, solid story, good characters, and plenty of laughs (assuming you can stand the stylized acting - adn I can) you need to watch this movie.

Dean W (us) wrote: A pretty tepid sequel, which tries to further the dilemna of being the parent of a murderous baby. There are some comical scenes, as in wayyy too many police storming a maternity ward and aiming rifles at a birthing mother and so forth. The script is pedantic, but there is a campy air about it, and there are a few scary moments.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: It's certainly fascinating to watch visually, but it's too strange and incoherent for me to consider it a "classic" like so many others do.

Karley R (nl) wrote: Brilliant 70s action

Ryan V (mx) wrote: Not only are the endless parade of dogs all memorable and fun, this features one of the all tie great Disney villains.

James R (au) wrote: Nice slice of the 90's right here. The film is about a group of friends fresh out of college and trying to find jobs and begin life. Nicely directed by Ben Stiller and good performances by Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder! I enjoyed the film and it's still somewhat relatable even to today's standards! Shows how no matter what even with all the crazy stuff going on love can be right in front of you the whole time! I recommend giving it a look!

Sarah C (de) wrote: There are many ways to relieve pain. There are ways we know from what we see and experience -- the stories, the movies, the articles, the news, being the victim -- and there are the peaceful ways that are just as powerful: individual people who brings attention and awareness to mental illness, those are the people who changes the world. That is the kind of courageous resistance Stephen Chbosky show in Lionsgate Films 2012 film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, rated PG-13. This film is about the story of a young teenage boy named Charlie, who has clinical depression due to childhood memories, is a movie everyone must see, so we can be inspired and strengthen the awareness for mental illness.Ever since Charlie was little, his aunt has always been his favorite person until she passed away. He has never been mentally stable since but he tries to adapt the normal lifestyle of being a young high school student. Charlie is uneasy about beginning his freshman year because he has difficulty making friends and he's very shy. The only person he connected to at school was his english teacher, Mr. Anderson because he makes Charlie feel like he belongs in the school when Charlie feels like he doesn't belong anywhere. He meets two seniors, Sam and her step brother Patrick at a football game, they invite him to go out to eat and go to parties and such. At a party, Charlie eats a pot brownie and tells Sam about how his only friend committed suicide. On the way home, Patrick drives Sam and Charlie to a tunnel. They put on a song they've never heard of and Sam decides to go to the back of the pickup to enjoy the moment. That is when Charlie begins to fall for her. After realizing that Charlie is falling in love with Sam, he tries to find ways to show her that he cares about her and her happiness. At Christmas, Charlie reveals that he have never been kissed before. Although Sam is with someone else, she kisses him and tells him that she loves him. When Marie-Elizabeth asked Charlie to the Sadies dance, he tries not to hurt her feelings so he goes with her. That's when Marie-Elizabeth started falling for Charlie and somehow they began to date but keep in mind that Charlie is only dating her because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings but he gets more irritated with her as the relationship goes. At a party, Patrick asked Charlie to kiss the most beautiful person in the room and he kisses Sam unintentionally, hurting Marie-Elizabeth's feelings. Patrick recommends Charlie to stay away from them for awhile but Charlie starts having flashbacks of his aunt's death when he was seven years old. When Sam and Patrick goes away for college, Charlie experiences a flashback of his aunt's death and something else about his aunt that he wasn't sure about. He calls his sister and his sister realizes that he needs help so she calls for help. Charlie passes out and wakes up in a hospital. He then reveals to his doctor that his aunt has sexually abused him when he was little and that's what he has been scared of saying out loud for the longest time.Frankly, I thought that this film is incredibly amazing. Chbosky really brought attention and awareness to mental health and why this issue is really important. Anything and anyone can really make you feel like you're trapped inside sometimes it's even yourself making you feel this way. I agree that people who supports others going through this, helps a lot. Everyone always needs someone to talk to and to make sure that they're okay. This movie has inspired me to bring more awareness to mental illness and help individuals who are going through this. Some people might not understand why mental health is as important as any other illnesses and this movie has many very important parts about mental illness since you get to see Charlie's point of view. Finally, I have to admit, this film is one of the best films I have ever seen. For example, one stereotype would be: she's only depressed so she could get attention. No, mental illness is a serious issue and no one should say anything like that because no one knows what she's going through. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. Not only will it raise awareness but it will put the audience in Charlie's shoes to show what he's going through and how much pain he has trying to fix himself. -- Hera Tran