Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Londo Mollari, the Centauri Emperor, recounts the initial contact between the Humans and Minbari, which resulted in a major incident and subsequent war, for an eager pair of youngsters wanting a story about love and conflict.

Emperor Londo Mollari tells the story of the Earth-Minbari war that almost destroyed Humanity and later inspired its last best hope for peace. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Babylon 5: In the Beginning torrent reviews

Michael D (ru) wrote: Fabulous but forgettable.

Jake P (us) wrote: It was a cute romantic gay film.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Very bad acting, filming, directing, sound guy can't place mics correctly (so bad sound), and the whole movie is basically a watered down version of a good movie they copied the script from but left off the ending and possibly modified the middle where they decided to end the movie. Every actors acts like they are reading lines they were forced to memorize and just plain cannot act. If you can stand over an hour of that, then this movie might be ok (well if you like this sort of watered down copied & slightly rewrote to destroy the point & plot type films)

Amanda H (it) wrote: I really can't say why I like this movie, but I do. It's not because it really ever goes anywhere- it doesn't. It's not because any of the characters are particularly likeable- they're not. I didn't walk away from it feeling enlightened, or even particularly entertained, but somehow I still found myself absorbed. Maybe because it's nice to feel like someone's family is a bigger mess than mine? I don't know. But even though it shouldn't be good, it is.

Tony M (nl) wrote: Pull up a seat, this buffet is a "Blood Feast (2)" and it's "All you can Eat"!! "Blood Feast 2 "-All You can Eat 39 years after the original "Blood Feast" was released Herschell Gordon Lewis, the pioneer 'Godfather of Gore" is back with his next installment..."Blood Feast 2"! This time the grandson of the infamous Fuad Ramses, Fuad Ramses III has inherited the catering business and wants to make a bid at making the business a success. His first day in the shop he is visited by a police detective, who makes him very aware of Fuad's family history in his small town. Soon Fuad will inherit more than just the family business, revisiting the same path his Grandfather Fuad Ramses discovered 39 years earlier. Let's skip all the formalities and get right to it. "BF2" pulls no punches and from the start hits you right between the eyes, with exactly what you were hoping for- a blood Induced visual overload! Two homeless freeloaders digging through trashcans are introduced in the opening sequence. They find a dead cat in the trash and say that it will make for a good dinner, as they prepare the fire to cook with, a mysterious red light appears beyond a nearby back door. Upon seeing the light the derelicts appear to be possessed, one approaches the other with a large knife and cuts into his stomach and begins removing organs. The other possessed fool breaks a bottle and slashes the throat of his trash can friend. This opening scene really sets the tome for the remainder of the film and reassures the audience that "HGL" has got you covered and you are in for a wild ride. "BF2" and it's grainy appearance , poor sound, constant overacting, strange Batlord type music, homage to B-movie splatter films of the 80's was hard to handle. One example was Fuad's (J.P. Delahoussaye) over the top chacterization of the possessed caterer. The writing had some miscue's too,like the constant denial early on of who the obvious killer was. What "BF2" really did have going for it was the horrifically graphic GORE, explicit nudity, fantastic supporting acting by Detective Dave Loomis(John Mconnell) and the campy humor that at times was quite funny. OK, back to the gore! 1)Full view of a corkscrew into the ear, screwed around until a lot of brains is exposed. 2) Both arms of a human into a meat grinder, ground up to the elbows. 3) Mini ice cream scooper removes two eyes, then tongue is pulled out. Explicit Nudity "BF2" is loaded with beautiful women with incredible bodies running around waiting to be killed in gruesome, bloody fashion, throughout the film. Serious Comedy One scene in particular is where Detective Myers is mentioning the weather, when Detective Loomis does an entire scene of weather reporting, with map in the background. Really a very clever well done scene. "BF2" with a running time of 99 min is very well paced, with the perfect amount of splatter to keep you in the mood. I will say that 10-15min could have been shaved off of the beginning of the third act to save from dragging on. Not having high expectations, to being pleasantly surprised with the quality of the FX and a plot twist too, make this film a real treat! Considering the subject matter, the film lacks the typical excessive swearing you might come to expect from the genre. Herschell Gordon Lewis' techniques and artistic representation are communicated well and are apparent in a few scenes. Like the all white backgrounds with blood saturating the foreground and protagonist, representing purity corrupted. His framing of shots and low angles which induce confusion and powerlessness in the viewer are textbook. Adding height with his opaque shots inspires fear and insecurity along with imbalance. "BF2" was pretty good! If "HGL" wanted to venture out of the B-Movie security blanket, I'm confident he would make a great film. Not bad for a 73 yr old man back in 2002, 81 yrs old now! When i think of "Blood Feast 2"-"All You Can Eat", only one word comes to mind.....Evisceration! BruceVain

Evan D (mx) wrote: Hey, I remember this movie! It scarred me for life! A cheap move by a film company trying to essentially do a sequel to a Disney film.

Anne F (it) wrote: This is a film which had a very great effect upon me when I first saw it many years ago. This true story made me realise that capital punishment is wrong, so wrong. John Hurt and Richard Attenborough played their parts brilliantly, and I particularly liked that the man wrongly convicted of his wife's murder wasn't portrayed as a saint.

Sue B (mx) wrote: Well, I saw this on Broadway, and it was fun. This movie? Meh.

James H (ag) wrote: Generally lame sci-fi movie, not very original at all. The special effects are not very impressive, nor is the acting. It is already dated. Just another rip-off film.