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Sebastian James is a courier by day and DJ by night. When he fails to deliver an important package for his boss, public relations guru Julian Gold, Seb finds himself an unwitting participant in an economic power-play with a Saudi Prince as the Saudi government attempts to divest from the US dollar. As Seb begins to fall for the Prince’s daughter, his friends are dragged into the conflict. Throughout his struggle, the dark powers that operate in Washington, DC (modern-day Babylon) are revealed, and the Achilles heel of the US Empire is exposed.

Sebastian James is a courier by day and aspiring DJ by night. When he forgets an important delivery, Seb finds himself an unwitting participant in an economic power-play with a Saudi Prince... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isabelle W (ca) wrote: Walter Salles j fez filmes melhores, na minha opinio.

andrea h (nl) wrote: Seriousy under-rated movie....

Greg W (es) wrote: of the work together this is my least fave uneven and no funny

Kristen A (mx) wrote: It wasn't thier night

Kyle M (de) wrote: Ford from "Indiana Jones" and Schwimmer from "Friends" starred in this different type of Indiana Jones adventure with no Jones. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording and requires another viewing probably)

James Z (ru) wrote: I remember seeing this film as a teenager and decided to give it a watch just recently for nostalgia purposes. Seeing this again through the eyes of an adult really make me see it for what it is... one of the most, if not most, racist films against white people there are. The first 'tale' involves a young black officer that witnesses police brutality against a black rights activist (done by a white officer of course). The second story shows a racist senator (played by Corbin Bersen) that gets punished by getting eaten alive by a bunch of black dolls. The third tale involves a common thug gangbanger getting arrested and going through a 'process' to get "rehabilitated" which is a total rip-off of 'A Clockwork Orange' (and was it really necessary for the subject to be wearing bikini underwear with a sock stuffed in it)?. During this process, he is being shown why it is wrong to kill other black people. How about teaching him the simple fact that it's wrong to kill people PERIOD?The entire film shines a very negative light on whites and is basically reverse racism. I have zero respect for any of the white actors involved who contributed to making this film, especially Corbin Bernsen.

Robert G (ag) wrote: My thought when I was going to watch this movie was, "What in the world it Clint Eastwood doing in a comedy movie with a orangutan?" Well that's right this is one of Eastwood's two movies that's not a western or a drama. Its the one with the monkey. But its actually kinda funny. Its a slap-your-knee country kind of humor but still funny. Don't judge this movie because its Eastwood with a monkey in a comedy, because if you like Eastwood then you will like this movie. The acting is not all that great, the direction is not all that great and they story is not great. But its a classic and defiantly worth watching.

Laurent P (es) wrote: Un film carceral qui parvient a conserver sa tension sans avoir recours a aucun artifice spectaculaire habituel, mais en se reposant uniquement sur la duret et le dsespoir qui habitent ce milieu clos coupe du monde...

Ian M (mx) wrote: I adore Rebel Wilson. Her and a few other lead actresses really shine in this. It's very Glee if it was trying to be overly funny which is 50/50 as to when the humour lands and when it doesn't. Definitely enjoyed it, but would rather listen to some of the mix mashup tapes the lead character was creating at times. Those sounded wicked.

Isadore H (ca) wrote: I'm not sure if this is more of a chick flick than a zombie movie, but it's very good either way you look at it. I liked how it took the zombie genre and sort of turned it around, making zombies the ones with feelings and making them misunderstood by humans as monsters. Funny, well acted, and a great cast, Warm Bodies is a movie you should not miss.

Emile H (kr) wrote: A real heartwarming film, especially one that most people who cling to each other forever can relate to. The relationship between Gilbert and Arnie is somewhat difficult to explain, but it translates so great on screen. You realize the brotherhood through thick and thin and recognize the patience Gilbert has, the struggles he faces, and the hope for a new life. The characters and setting seem like something out of time in a modern era, yet the way it conveys life there is genuine if not totally realistic. There are laughs and there are tears, and Lasse Hallstrm gives us the glimpse in a way we end up somehow seeing ourselves. Add some moving performances from Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio in the center and it leaps forward with wonder. So if anyone asks what's eating you, whatever it is, maybe it's also what's eating Gilbert Grape, too.