Young woman with a dead-end job and no apartment moves in with a slacker and his friends.

Young woman with a dead-end job and no apartment moves in with a slacker and his friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (ca) wrote: An odd stagey 2 hander by Polanski with a great Amaleric and an ok Seigner. Its a little odd but goes quite fast. Its as sexy as you would imagine but plays out like a west end play

Michael W (it) wrote: Another great documentary by the director of "Helvetica," this one about the everyday objects we see around us, how they were designed, and our relationship to them. Definitely recommend.

Elvia F (it) wrote: The fact that oral sex toward a female and female sexual pleasure is rated NC-17 while a blowjob and a male sexual experience is rated R is complete b.s. and it promulgates sexism and ignorance within the American culture! A lot of American films are anti-women, especially those crude-humor films marketed to teenagers. I mean "Scary Movie" (rated R) is far more offensive/vulgar and misogynist than a lot of these films rated NC-17! It's absolutely obvious that the studios work in conjunction with the ratings board to ensure their film is marketed to the masses, while independent and art-house filmmakers are thrust out of the limelight. This is such an insightful documentary about the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and I highly recommend watching it - not only for film buffs and aspiring screenwriters/directors, but also for anyone who wishes to learn the truth about how the motion picture industry's ratings are run.

Gav R (it) wrote: if the storyline was as good as hero, it would be brilliant, scenes are stunning

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Beautifully designed, photographed, edited and scored. Fun stunts and action with good acting. A bit long with some scenes may require to be cut out or shouldn't of been in the final print.

JohnnyLee T (ru) wrote: Difficult to enjoy a movie in which the "hero" is a vicious killer whose dream is achieved by murder, corruption and the devastating effects of gambling addiction. SPOILER The terrible outcome of such methods is shown as not the result of justice but ultimately blind love. But it's a true story, so that's life!Otherwise, a well-produced movie.

Aj V (us) wrote: The synopsis sounds funny, but this movie is really great. It has a good cast, and an interesting story.