Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted

When she takes a job babysitting a young boy (Kai Caster) for a night at his family's remote farmhouse, sweet college co-ed Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) becomes the target of a scar-covered creep making mysterious phone calls and prowling outside the windows. Angie gets the drop on the would-be killer, but quickly discovers that her nightmare has just begun.

A devoutly religious college student seeking to escape her roommate and make a little extra cash becomes the target of a disfigured serial killer who stalks his helpless prey from outside of darkened rural windows. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Countess N (au) wrote: Recommended not to watch by Deano78.

Heather H (br) wrote: If you like beautiful women, social commentary, gripping drama, and the Arabic language, then you will probably like this film.

Melanieann D (mx) wrote: Feeling, and looking, like an extended episode of CSI, "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" is uninspiring and boring. The story is silly and convoluted, involving a usually lack-lustre Paul Walker impersonating a legendary Drug Dealer, played by the deliciously floppy haired Jason Lewis. Laurence Fishburne plods along with a by-the-numbers bad guy role and Olivia Wilde as the love-interest, female lead is dull and mediocre. Paul walker is one of the worst actors in Hollywood today. How does he keep on getting work? Not very inspired but less than discerning viewers may enjoy all the running and shooting and explosions. Snooze!

thydean m (ru) wrote: nice Christmas movie for the family

Gary K (gb) wrote: A tragic story of moral bankruptcy and greed fueled by addictions. One of the more extreme "true crime" tales put to film. (The Mitchell Brothers' theater is still in operation today.)

Ke H (es) wrote: I really liked this film for its layered portrayal of relationships. That said, especially towards the end of the film, I found that the filmmakers had nothing else to do, and yet just wouldn't exit the bloody stage.

Private U (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed it - charming and actually funny, and quite honest too. I've seen a lot of romantic comedies, and I think this is more fun than a lot of the more popular ones.