Bachelor in Paris

Bachelor in Paris

English businessman in Paris battles a French count for the heart of a cabaret artist.

Song of Paris is a 1952 British comedy film directed by John Guillermin and starring Dennis Price, Anne Vernon and Hermione Baddeley. It is also known as Bachelor in Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bachelor in Paris torrent reviews

Orlok W (es) wrote: Becoming less tolerant of this type of thing--Artsy-Fartsy Crap!!

Johnny F (kr) wrote: One of the greatest French films ever.

Joshua B (mx) wrote: Possibly the worst acted film I have ever seen!!!! The storylines are soooo f****d up its unbelievable!!!! Rather watch paint dry, only positive was when it finished :)

Paul P (br) wrote: One of the most realistic Cold War spy-games movies I've seen. Great performances, great cinematography. Great all around.

Private U (ag) wrote: it was a hart-warming sory that i hink ou must see.... Kay Panabake and Lor aughlinwork together well

Elma M (ru) wrote: Magnifico is a child who is not so good in school but gifted with good heart that allows him to give joy to hopeless people in their community and magically transforms their lives for the better....This film is so well made and the performances so accomplished.....A modest but another Filipino tear jerking film...

Brandi F (ru) wrote: next time i choose the movie

Augustine H (au) wrote: I wish Verhoeven could have dipped deeper into his Freudian world. His talent is way more than making a B horror movie.

Philip L (jp) wrote: Repressed sexuality and entangled incestuous relationships unfold in a Alpine village where the residents must speak softly and tread lightly as to not cause an avalanche. Guy Maddin is a serious fucking dude and his films are nothing short of brilliant, beautiful, and bizarre.

Walter M (kr) wrote: "Sweet Movie" is a scattershot and surreal satirical film that throughout makes a valid point that sex really isn't that big a deal and certainly nothing to get worked up about. That illuminating thought begins with the inspired madness that is the Miss World Virginity Pageant, before including depictions of every sexual kink known to man, woman and other.And then just to insure that none of us will ever have an erection again(or the female equivalent), documentary footage is included of bodies being uncovered from the Katyn Massacre site.

James H (mx) wrote: Excellent story, set in Germany in World War II and involves members of the German army defecting to th Allies and becoming spies. Very solid direction, fine performances, especially Oskar Werner. Good cinematography. The editing is particularly good.

Dann M (au) wrote: Abigail Breslin stars in the dark, true-life crime drama Perfect Sisters. Based on actual events, two sisters, Sandra and Beth Anderson, grow tired of the abuse and neglect of their deadbeat, alcoholic mother and her boyfriends, and begin to believe that her death may be their only way out. Unfortunately the performances aren't that good and don't make for very compelling characters. The directing too is underwhelming. Also, the plot is poorly constructed, with random fantasy segments that feel out of place. Additionally, the ending is rushed and doesn't give a lot of attention to the aftermath of the Anderson's actions; bringing into question what the moral of the story is. Perfect Sisters is far from perfect, but it does explore some provocative social issues.

The Movie G (us) wrote: Terrible and the worst movie there is in movie industry

Kalamr G (de) wrote: I felt huge gaps in the story

Don J C (it) wrote: This war film still holds up. Great escape action.