Bachelor Party Vegas

Bachelor Party Vegas

A planned evening of debauchery in Las Vegas to celebrate their best friend's wedding goes horribly -- but hilariously -- wrong for five average guys.

Five friends road trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn P (it) wrote: It was alright. A good twist at the end. But the acting wasn't the greatest. Good for a indie film.

Ashley S (us) wrote: Sounds rather fascinating, though I'm sad there are no reviews I can read on here....

Nick P (ca) wrote: This dull, emotionless, contrived and conceited mess of a film has the makings of a high school play gone wrong with shredded direction, hammy performances (especially Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie, who gives her worst performance out of her whole career and I love her), sparkly cinematography that's somewhat passable and boring tone.

Tyler F (it) wrote: For me, this is probably Christopher Lloyd and Dom DeLuise at their worst! It should never have been made! I mean, come on! Making infants the focus of a film?! That makes it way more childish than ever! People, do yourselves a favor and avoid this at all costs and keep it a secret from your kids!

Jeffrey B (au) wrote: An excellent historical fiction, martial arts movie featuring Jet Li as the legendary Master Wong Fei-hung.

Tammy L (it) wrote: This was actually a good movie. What Farrah does to poor James Russo's character is exactly what somebody like that deserves. Poor James Russo always seems to get the bad end of the stick.

Alberto G (fr) wrote: Tan depresiva como brillante, tan cruda como hermosa, tan controversial como poderosa. Una obra maestra.

jesse s (nl) wrote: Hi: This is my favorite sexy romp film, Raquel proves she is the Goddess, but on the photo board below look at the black and white shot-it's not from Fathom, but from the Biggest Bundle Of Them All.

Carmela (it) wrote: I just love wartime movies, and this romance is no exception. Remade from its 1931 version of the same name, it opens in pre-WWII London and flashbacks to WWI where Captain Ray Cronin (Robert Taylor) remembers the love he met on Waterloo Bridge. Vivien Leigh as Myra is beautiful and Taylor as Captain Cronin is the sweetest, most caring man. The story goes quite deep and sad, and the moral of selflessness and guilt is heart-rendering to see. A beautiful movie of beautiful people, inside and out. I enjoyed it so much.

Tia R (fr) wrote: It starts out very promising but dissolves into a waste.

Randy Y (es) wrote: A few gags, but stale/uninspired premise.