Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.

Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school. They unintentionally create a mess of their friend's wedding gown, therefore they set out on a frantic search for a replacement. But their mission degenerates into a night of booze, drugs and nightclubbing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quincy T (it) wrote: The Den takes a lot of modern references such as social media quirks and web cam gimmicks to produce a unique kind of found footage film. It's similar to series of creepy pastas on internet, and even for those who are barely familiar with the technology, the film should be relatable. Unfortunately, the conclusion isn't as strong as the set-up and some of the plots developments are too far fetch.Elizabeth (Melanie Papalia) is a student who investigates the behavior of web cam users in a website called The Den. It's a random streaming chat site, and just like the actual thing it has a lot of dubious people. Elizabeth begins to see a lot of strange things, including potential snuff video. It escalates very closely into her real life. The premise holds a good advantage since viewers will be familiar with this set-up. Acting is pretty good for the lead, as Melanie Papalia plays the role of modern young woman who relies on this tech. For most part she seems identifiable, and the film is at its strongest at first act. Cleverly using bits of well-known jokes or internet sensation, it grabs attention very quickly. The horror aspect is handled very well as it's based on viral spooky stories or clips which already proven effective to attract attention.Problem starts to show at latter half as the threat is looking very omnipotent. It's almost ludicrous how it can get to Elizabeth with near supernatural tech wizardly and seemingly unworldly power. The mainstay of found footage flaws reveal themselves later on as the visual gets muddled and slow, the vexing frame rate drop is real. It also doesn't make sense why there are conveniently placed cameras, especially in first person view.The Den resembles internet sensation it's based on, interesting at first but stumble with glitches afterward. The material is spread too thinly and the last act falters, considering the film is fairly short it could've wrapped up nicer. If not for anything, The Den has a few good internet viral scares and they are better than most found footage has to offer.

Kostas S (kr) wrote: Although you truly can't understand half of what McGee is saying you'll enjoy it if you knew the bands and have heard the records.

Cayli L (mx) wrote: It's nice to see what life used to be like for my grandparents.

steve g (us) wrote: funny comedy classic family fun

Kara H (de) wrote: Absolutely bored out of my mind.

Richard L (mx) wrote: At the very least, this version gave some explanation to the plot and some much needed back story that was missing from the theatrical release.

Misha K (nl) wrote: Riveting story, great casting, amazing locations and solid photography. Not only my favorite westerns' but such a soulful story of redemption. I have to watch everything by David Von Ancken. I've already lost count of how many times I've watched this one. Very surprising to see the meter on this one.

Private U (au) wrote: first 40 min is so dull that i am about to stop,and the last 45 min is confusing.i couldnt see why those two are so in love and how could she abandoned her life and kids"now" for the past love?i cant get that,cause there are not enough description and explanation.however i liked the atmosphere and colors of cassavetes world.there is some humor which i enjoy.