Back from Hell

Back from Hell

Six ex-classmates decide to spend some holidays together. To enjoy a short rest period and some amusement, they rent a manor house in the countryside, upon where to forget the raving ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Six ex-classmates decide to spend some holidays together. To enjoy a short rest period and some amusement, they rent a manor house in the countryside, upon where to forget the raving ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Back from Hell torrent reviews

James C (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this odd twisted comedy (sort of an anti-romantic comedy in it's own way) and despite having such a small cast it managed to be energetic enough to be amusing throughout.I saw the ending coming a mile away and as such it felt a little half hearted, but I guess I can't really see it ending any other way.

Brandon T (nl) wrote: Funny. worth watching

Shirley D (us) wrote: the three child stars play very well in this movie, the more naive and pathetic they are, reflects the more dirty and immoral the criminals are.

Scott A (de) wrote: Pretty dopey little film only for the fact they use the same cgi scenes over and over. i will give it props for showing a giant shark knocking a plane out of the sky. And Debbie Gibson is pretty good too.

Bry G (gb) wrote: stream it. not that bad, it has funny moments :)

Remi L (ru) wrote: I only watched it because Adam Goldberg is in it, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. An enjoyable quirky little comedy about the cutthroat world of the office.

Con D (ca) wrote: Confusing but semi understandable.

Anna B (kr) wrote: It's Almodovar, so I liked it, but it has a lot of problems. While he often merges clashing styles successfully, this time the broad soap elements (especially in the non-Cruz acting) clash with the general sense of realism (in the depiction of things like filmmaking and blindness), which both clash with the attempts at Hitchcockian suspense, which doesn't come off at all because the plot doesn't have a whole lot of stakes. Add to that a bunch of momentum-killing exposition and a bland, generic visual style, and you have a movie that never quite gets off the ground.

Andres M (us) wrote: A powerful story. A great cast and a shocking ending, but i loved the ending more than anything in the whole movie. I do believe its a great movie, and I recommend it.

Lu H (us) wrote: perfect transit from the original novel to the movie!

shannon s (it) wrote: ooooo...,sounds creepy, like somthin you see at a sleepover or something....

Logan M (br) wrote: Delightfully cartoonish and fun to watch.

Dan M (it) wrote: *just pointing out that I have seen this before, but it's been a long, long, long time and I haven't properly reviewed this until now* Bill Murray at his finest here, (and he's pretty damn ruthless at times too) I can empathize with him a bit on the whole not being a fan of Christmas. It's amazing how adult this movie is, seeing as I was about 9 or 10 years old when I watched this the first time around.

Ross M (jp) wrote: despite the title this isn't a horror film. But seriously this film should have been so much better than it was, given the subject and the cast, the parts of the film that were set in Cuba were the most entertaining, and the scenes with the legendary Orson Welles were the highlight.

Alban O (br) wrote: On of my Tsui Ark's favourite movies with Time and Tide.

Emelyn W (it) wrote: I can actually relate well to this film, given the corruption in the government where I live. The innocent tried and sentenced for nothing, the good politicians getting exiled, deprived rights, broken promises.....I could compare these characters with the government, only they're all Muslim, so I cannot...The live film trailer was pretty disturbing , but it don't match with watching this one....for those who bitch about the graphics, whadaya expect? It was the 50s and it wasn't under Disney or whatever

Bill T (au) wrote: Fun Abbott and Costello outing here. When a boxer is framed for a manager's meeting, he gets invisible (don''t ask) and gets A and C to help him out catch the wise guys who framed him. Poor Lou always gets the shoer end of the stick with his relationship with Bud. He's always getting setting up for Bud's schemes. There's lots of comedy gold here, especially when Lou becomes a boxer himself. Nifty special effects too!

Adam S (gb) wrote: This is by far the second worse movie I have seen this year, only knocked off it's perch by Lord of the Elves (which incidentally had no elves in it) Poor sound and overdub, boring story line and a general Bollywood feel to it was just lost on me. Maybe it was a comedy that went wrong??

Lovyn L (de) wrote: Lack suspense for thrill-seeker but seductive for those who are into occult.

Todd L (it) wrote: Not Tarantino fan...but that was pretty good.