Back in Action

Back in Action

Two men have different motivations but the same goal when they team up and mount an assault on a powerful drug gang.

The sister of a former U.S. Green Beret, is involved in a love affair with a mobster, endangering seriously her life. His brother will make his best efforts to save her from her boyfriend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawid J (it) wrote: Ceausescu's hat and never-ending carousel, lovely absurds of the communism in Romania.

Rick E (ca) wrote: interesting trailer, but neg reviews here...

Mario H (ca) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie. Didn't think it was going to be this good.

Movie M (nl) wrote: Although I'm not Greek, many of the jokes about the Greeks can apply to other cultures and backgrounds, so you can relate to this movie pretty much no matter who you are. There are so many characters in this movie, which in itself, is one of the jokes, but it feels like you know them all, and to me it's pretty relatable especially if you come from a large family. The comedy is light and very fun, the family is hilarious, and even if you relate to only a portion of the movie, it is an enjoyable time.

Jesse F (jp) wrote: A Hitchcock masterpiece. And arguably the most inspiring horror film ever made. This is how a horror film should be done.

Chip M (ru) wrote: Nothing that happens in this film makes any sense...and everyone on set had to have been on hallucinogens, not that that's necessarily a bad thing, it just didn't help them at all.The special effects are just terrible as well. Sure, you could say it was because it was only 1968 at the time but think about this: 2001: A Space Odyssey came out the same year. Sure, you could say that 2001 had an enormous budget but think about this: 2001's budget was roughly 10.5 million dollars whereas Barbarella's budget was $9 million. That's only about a 14% smaller budget than 2001. It's not that much a difference for Barabarella's special effects to be that embarrassing.Regardless of special effects, everything else about this film is terrible anyway."Love."

Hassan M (mx) wrote: am lonely lyk a church rat

Chris B (kr) wrote: A solid and fun early British film from Michael Powell, "The Spy in Black" shows his early prowess with the camera. Even though It's considered a B film, the interior and exterior shots are captured surprisingly well and the use of angles adds to the intrigue and secrecy in the film. The movie is about a German submarine captain named Conrad Veidt who receives orders to infiltrate and gather intelligence to destroy a British Fleet. The other spies and people involved in the mission may not be who they seem. The only drawbacks, from an otherwise enjoyable film, was the held back movements and actions of both the Germans and English during crucial scenes. For examples of this look at the woman spy who is alone with the German officer, he literally sits his pistol down to change and she does nothing even though only a few feet away. Aside from the scenes not flowing too realistically, I enjoyed the movie as a whole. If you are into B films or just older British films of the action/suspense genre, this is a solid and entertaining one.